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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Weight of Waiting

The longer a person lives as the wrong sex, the more likely they will develop a persona that matches their physical body. This is especially true if the person has been very susceptible to gaslighting, believing what others and their own bodies are telling them instead of trusting their own thoughts and feelings. As time goes on, people establish lives. They get jobs, become involved in relationships, get married, and even have children. They become more and more invested in the status quo.

Time for a blast from the past!  Sagebrush (never did figure out who this person is/was) wrote a number of excellent posts in a "limited edition" blog a few years ago.  The Weight of Waiting is from December, 2011, and the advice contained in this post still applies today.  

Transsexualism: A Congenital Disorder, is still listed on T-Central, way down towards the bottom of the page, in the Cobweb Corner section.

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