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Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Study Dismisses the Autogynephilia Approach to Transgender

If you're like me, always wondering why I am the way I am, you may be interested in Jack Molay's most recent post on his blog, Crossdreamers.

This well written piece reviews Dr. Jamie F. Veale's (pictured on the left) and Dr. Ray Blanchard's different theories on transsexualism, including the theories behind late onset and early onset transsexuals.  As an example, I extracted this paragraph from Jack's post referencing Veale's Identity-Defense Theory:

According to the Identity-Defense Theory some transsexual children are more likely to repress their gender identity than others, which at least partly explain the difference between early and late onset.  Veale notes elsewhere that introvert gender variant kids are more likely to try to follow the gender behavior expected by their parents, as introverts are more likely to be people pleasers. Indeed, Veale goes as far as indicating that this may also influence their sexual orientation: A repression of gender variance may go hand in hand with a repression of same-sex attraction.

If any of this piques your interest, allow yourself 10 minutes or so to read Jack's most recent post, New Study Dismisses the Autogynephilia Approach to Transgender.

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