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T-Central was established in 2008, by Lori D, an active blogger at the time. Lori's dream was to have a site to showcase transgender blogs from across the "spectrum". She chose the Blogger application to create T-Central, and it has done well by us over the years. We continue to feature interesting blog posts and new blogs on a regular basis. 

In 2010, Lori retired from the world of trans-blogging to focused on her transition. She entrusted me with the keys to this wonderful site that she built. A number of links to other trans-related sites have been added since Lori left, but T-Central has otherwise remained unchanged, including the look of the site. Over the years, there have been several co-administrators. Currently, besides myself (located in California), we have Halle, who lives in the province of Ontario, in Canada, and Jenny, from England, in the UK. 

Lori wanted T-Central to be a class act, with no ads and no pornographic material. We intend to keep it that way. There are some blog posts with clearly adult material in them relating to hormones, gender reassignment surgery, dating, etc., but blogs with pornographic material are not allowed to be listed. It can be a "fine-line", at times. Our bloggers write about transgender issues, which obviously can include sexual subject material. If we (the T-Central administrators) do see a blog with objectionable material, we will discuss the issue among ourselves and then most likely notify the blog owner and possibly delete it from the list. 

We encourage you to place a T-Central link on your blog!

Questions regarding T-Central can be addressed to me (calietg at yahoo) or to Halle or Jenny. Our Blogger profiles are located near the bottom of the main page. Calie


  1. Thank you for this wonderful site, it is a lovely thing you are all doing!

    1. Thank you so much!!! May I list your blog?


    2. you already do quite often, but yes of course

  2. Would you please list Sister House ( on your site and of course I'll list yours on mine. Thanks....Tasi

  3. I have enjoyed every second browsing thought the various blogs. I don't know how the blog listing thingy works but I have only had mine up a few days and am still telling my rather long and difficult story. I just wanted to say thanks for T-Central...sometimes a rainbow does drop into your life when you need it and T-Central has been my rainbow this week.

  4. Hi Sarah and thanks for the sweet comment. I found your blog and need to read the two long posts you currently have listed. I love reading posts of someone's childhood feelings and experiences. Many like us relate to those stories. I am going to take the liberty of listing your blog. If you don't want it listed, please let me know.

    Calie xx

  5. Dear Calie,

    My name is Amanda Keohane and I am an intern for a film called Strictly Taboo, that is to be shot next summer in New York City. The director, Bob McAndrew is an award-winning acting coach in NYC who has worked with huge people in the Film Industry including Christopher Walken and many others.

    The film is a Romace/Murder Mystery that revolves around a transgender protagonist and we want to get the word out to the LGBTQ community to raise awareness of our film.

    We are currently in the crowdfunding phase of the production process and are hoping that you might take a look at our project and spread the word. This film is going to be a huge step for the LGBTQ community as it is honest and striking in the way it portrays it's Trans character.

    We are also fully committed to having a Trans actor play the part of the protagonist and are going to be holding a contest to find the perfect person to play the part!

    If you'd like to read more and see a short video on the film please check out the film's Indiegogo page here:

    Let me know what you think about the film! If you like it, we would really appreciate you spreading the love and sharing it on your blog!

    Thank you so much for your time,
    Amanda Keohane


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