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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Taking Back Control, transition edition

.......immediately upon sitting down in the waiting room it became obvious the main difference between the private and the NHS sector. It may seem an obvious thing to say, but for the first time in my life I was sitting among those transitioners for whom transition is something that can be bought rather than something that is a drawn-out process.

In Taking Back Control, transition edition, Jenny (one of our T-Central Admins) has some interesting comments contrasting the transitioning process, based on a couple of visits with private doctors, between The National Health Service (England) and private medicine.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Masculinity, anime, and autogynephilia

For some crossdreamers sexual submissiveness is mixed up with fantasies of social submissiveness, as you point out, but I know enough about the fantasies of crossdreamers to tell you that a lot of them dream of becoming strong and independent women, not playthings for men. This is also reflected in transgender literature. Indeed, you will find that most of the MTF crossdreamers who do transition are not walk-overs in any way. (Julia Serano comes to mind. Read Whipping Girl!).

As is always the case with Jack Molay, this post is well worth reading.  The garbage associated with autogynephilia theory refuses to go away.  In this post, Jack responds to those who insist on using it against us.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

not thinking things through...

I pass better than some transgender women and have been using the ladies room without incident for many years except according to India Willoughby I shouldn’t be doing that since I don’t have female parts. India would rather I use the men’s room instead.

In this post, it's not Joanna who's not thinking things through.  Joanna speaks her mind regarding the person who is (not thinking things through).

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

49 weeks of HRT

I do not plan on SRS or FFS. I like where I am both mentally and physically. I may end up presenting 24/7 as Susan but it in not a requirement at this time. I like that I can present how I feel on any given day. I now know that my family and friends will remain, not matter how I present.

I love to read Susan's updates.  She holds nothing back and her updates are very helpful for others.  For the latest from Susan, read 49 weeks of HRT.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Are You the Spouse?

“What is your name?”

“Heather Coldstream, your honor.”

The Commissioner looks confused.

“Are you the spouse?” she asks.

“Daughter. My name change order is attached as Exhibit A. It matches the name on the will.”

A nicely written recap of Heather's experience in court.  Was she outed by the judge?   You'll just have to read, Are You the Spouse?, to find out.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Forgiveness ~ Acceptance

.......those who spoke to my wife in private told her how disgusting it was and how she should just "take me to the cleaners" and divorce me. They were certain that as a woman I would be ridiculed and so would she. Some suggested that it would be dangerous; some might react violently against a transsexual in such a small community. How could I do this to her?


This is a wonderful post from my good friend, Halle.  She expresses so well what so many others have felt, including myself, about the affect of transitioning under the assumed burden of dealing with the negative reaction from a wife, family, and friends.

Forgiveness ~ Acceptance, is a must-read for anyone considering transition.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Brothers and Sisters

I came out to my youngest brother last week. P was the youngest of three; we are each 3 years apart, with me being oldest. We were always very close, figuratively as well as literally.

We always like to hear coming out stories, especially when they have happy endings.  In this one, Beth talks about coming out to her youngest brother.  How did it go and who else does she need to come out to?   Go to Brothers and Sisters for the answer.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Short notice but a chance for a manicure and pedicure

I really enjoyed my pedicure although the lady doing it was very gentle when she massaged my legs, but it still felt good and she did a wonderful job. She was just getting ready to paint my toes when 3 women came in turns out the 2 girls brought their mom in for a manicure and pedicure......

This is just a light post about a girl and her pedicure but I'll note that Susan knows one of the women she mentions above.   Susan is not a full-time girl, so if you're wondering what, if anything, happened you'll just need to read Susan's blog post.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Interview with Galen

Monika: Could you say a few words about yourself?
Galen: In short, I’m a 29 year-old trans woman. I originally came out at 17, before going promptly back into the closet and resuming the binge/purge depression/repression cycle that a lot of trans folks are familiar with. I finally came out to my wife and started transition steps in late December of 2015. I write a lot about various trans related topics on my website, Trans Substantiation, which started as a personal blog to help me process things, and has since gone on to become a place where I attempt to engage people in in-depth conversations related to gender and the philosophical issues surrounding gender.

Here's another suburb interview, by Monika.  She interviews Galen, who is married and has a young child.  The interview features plenty of questions for Galen on transitioning.  It should be of interest to anyone thinking of transitioning.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Quite Simple Really

“If it didn’t matter what I thought other people might say, think, look, what would I want to be wearing today?” 

Hannah was going to enter a running event (a race, I presume?).  What to wear?  The "three quarter length regular baggy things that don’t suggest anything remotely feminine other than visibly shaved legs" or a more feminine capri style?  Hannah addresses this, and her thoughts about confidence.  Oh, and the answer about what to wear?  It's Quite Simple Really.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Jorgensen at the Jorgensen

Our professor randomly assigned stories to us budding reporters. One assignment was to report on a lecture by Christine Jorgensen that the famous transwoman was presenting at UConn.....

Stana looks back to her days at the university when she was present at a talk by Christine Jorgensen.  How many of you remember Christine?  She was the first transwoman I was ever aware of.  I had an experience similar to Stana's when I saw Julia Serano talk at my college.

Breaking The Trans Model

If you look back twenty years ago you will see the start of breaking up the classic trans model. I remember reading about the requirements for transitioning back in the 90s and thinking I can’t be trans because I am not attracted to men.

If you read early trans standards you had to be attracted to men, able to integrate in to society as a woman, cutoff your past, and you had to have Gender Confirming Surgery. As for trans men, well they didn’t exist.

This is a well thought out couple of posts, from Diana.  To back up her two paragraphs, above, she quotes several articles and papers. 

Breaking The Trans Model - Part 1

Breaking The Trans Model - Part 2

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Moving through the world, making myself memorable

I am loving and gentle. I am still wary of that, and my wariness makes me not appreciate my softness properly. My softness is like a cat in the darkness, pressed into a corner.

This is a lovely post, from Clare about her sensitivity and softness.

Monday, May 8, 2017


The GD is just kicking me really hard at the moment, really [] hard, and it has been for weeks now if not longer.

It can be so difficult for a part time girl.  I know.  I am one.  The effects of gender dysphoria led me down the road to depression.  I know now how to handle it but, as we all know, there's only two ways to make the gender dysphoria go away forever.  My heart goes out to this girl because I've been in that same place....many, many times.  She's struggling and wrote a short post on the subject.  I'm hoping that some of our readers will leave comments for her, to let her know she's not alone.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Start of My Story

Over time, Nicole needed to be free. This has caused and extreme amount of tension, fighting and stress in my marriage and life.

This is the first time Nicole's blog has been featured.  This feature is the start of her story.

Long Black Veil by Jennifer Finney Boylan

Minor spoiler there, I guess, but if you have ever read anything by Jennifer Finney Boylan, or even have a cursory awareness of who she is, then the cover blurb is all too transparent (no pun intended). A woman whose family and identity are threatened by the secrets of her past, who is a very different person from the woman she is today? That can only mean one thing.

Sally reminded me that she also did a review of Long Black Veil.  Sophie's review was featured in our last post.  This time, it's Sally's review.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Book Review: Long Black Veil by Jennifer Finney Boylan

"Long Black Veil" is Jenny's first work of fiction in twenty years.  It is a mystery/thriller, set both around the Philadelphia area and in Maine. 

Sophie has done a review of Long Black Veil, written by her friend Professor Jennifer Finney Boylan.

Monday, May 1, 2017

religious orthodoxy and dysphoria

One could argue that if God made you perfectly male or female, you wouldn't suffer from gender dysphoria and, whether devinely mandated or not,nothing that is derived from nature is wholly predictable, monolithic or steeped in perfection.

Joanna writes about a subject that haunted me for many years....the inner battle between your religion (in my case, Catholic) and being transgender.  In this case, she writes about an Orthodox Christian who faces the same issues but is convinced that no matter what he does to his body (HRT, surgery, etc.), he will never be a woman.  Joanna links to a video blog where he states his case (while looking very good presenting as quite feminine).  Religious orthodoxy and dysphoria is a good read, from Joanna.  The 15 minute video blog is also worth watching.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Autogynephilia

The main problem, as I see it, is that while some trans women (…) probably are aroused by their erotic imagery of their bodies as female, so are other women, cisgender women (or women assigned female at birth) who might identify as straight, or bi, or lesbian.

This is a re-post from Jack Molay's Trans Express site.  Go there and you'll be redirected to the full post, by Jeana Jorgensen, which is well worth your time to read.

A Plea for the Unconventional

I look around at the customers who patronise my coffee cart and not one of them is conventional.  One of the pleasures of being an Indie pop-up coffee business is getting to know your repeat customers. Superficially conventional, they all have interesting aspects to their lives, some tragic, some amazing.  Conventionality is a myth.  These people are wonderful in their quirks, idiosyncrasies, flaws, talents, imperfections and feelings.  They are human and beautiful. Being Trans is just one more quirk in that wonderful world of difference. Taking your clothes off in front of the camera is another.
Oh, I love what this girl has to say.  A plea for the Unconventional, from Jane, is well worth reading!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Does a Training Bra Provide Any Actual Training?

There is only one assured way of getting something that actually fits you well......

Well, this one is an unusually long post, from Nadine.  It's entertaining, fun to read, and educational, however.  Oh, and just what is the only assured way of getting something (in case, not only bras) that actually fits you well?   You'll just have to go to, Does a Training Bra Provide Any Actual Training?, to find out.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

I‘m Beside Myself… An Interesting Duet.

For us trans women our voices do not change, once the vocal cords are stretched there is no going back but for trans men their voice does change and that creates an interesting opportunity.

Diana has come across a very interesting duet between a transman and himself.... before and after HRT.  Turn on your speakers and take a listen.  Thanks, Diana!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gender Dysphoria…

It boggles my mind the people who think parents choose this for their children, like being trans is some sort of trend. Like instead of buying a Cabbage Patch Kid, we’re going to have a real live Trans Kid. It’s just as much fun as having a Cabbage Patch Kid and comes with bonuses like “where will my kid pee?”, “what do you mean you can’t use her pronouns?”, and “blockers cost HOW much?”

Michelle rocks.  She's a super-mom (and fabulous), and she gets it.  Julie is so lucky to have her for a mother.  Gender Dysphoria is another good one to read, from Super-Mom.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Transgender Patient Care

Heading to the doctors as a trans person is stressful. This stress can be compounded by feelings of embarrassment, shame, anger... I could go on but why bother. 

Katherine, our Silly Trans Woman, has done a serious post about Transgender Patient Care.  She includes a link to a University of California article on the topic, which will be helpful to both transwomen and transmen.  This link will also be posted in the T-Central Articles and Papers section.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Transitioning 401

I found quickly, there was a huge difference between looking good as a cross dressed man and a transgender woman seeking a level playing field in the world.

Cyrsti takes a look at her levels of transition as if they were college courses.  Read Cyrsti's post to discover just what the class content is in Transitioning 401.

Sunday, April 23, 2017


The thing is, as someone who does hide who they are, it can be quite tiring. I'm so glad I don't have to pretend when I'm around the Ever Lovely Mrs J. The fact that I can be just me, rather than putting on the mask of male behaviour, is incredibly liberating.

Like the last post, from Nadine, Lynn mentions her understanding wife in, Heroes.   There's an analogy with superheroes in this post.....something about hidden identities.....something many of us are familiar with. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

White Tunic

Besides, have you ever noticed that the standard female outfit these days is jeans?  Well I have.  It tends to be a bit odd while being the only one in the nail salon wearing something except for jeans!  But frequently that is where I find myself. 

There's really not much to this post, from Nadine, and that includes mention of the white tunic.  Nevertheless, it's significant that she and her wife can take time to get their nails done together at a salon.  What a wonderful relationship. Oh, and she looks just fab in that tunic!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

More on Clothes

I'm coming round to the viewpoint that people (especially men) who limit themselves to their "designated" clothes are just plain weird.

A few comments about clothes - old and new, from Jonathan.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

the hot pink bra

“Every woman needs a pink bra” the young sales girl tells me.

Against her better judgement, Joanna bought a pink bra.  Why?  Read the hot pink bra for a feel-good blog post.

Feminine Differential – Treated Nice

How was I dressed? – White pants, off-white knit sleeveless sweater, high heels, and I had just left my hairdresser. Could I change the tire myself? Of course – I have done it many times and even taught my family members to do it. However, changing the tire myself was going to make me late at best and would likely ruin the outfit.  

Rhonda had a flat tire.  Was the Feminine Differential a help or a hindrance?  The answer may just be in the title, Treated Nice, but do go to Rhonda's post just to make sure!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

3 months on testosterone

Changes have been occurring at a comfortable pace.  I’ve gained maybe 8 pounds, mostly in my abs, shoulders, and pecs.  I get more dark hairs on my chin and upper lip, which just means I gotta use the tweezers more often!  My voice definitely dropped within the last month – I’d say that is the most noticeable thing. 

And, there's much more to report after 3 months on T.

Two years on…

Crossdressing affected my life – for a very long time – a number of years, then not for the best part of 12 months, then intensely so for the best part of five months.   I really can’t imagine going back now.  Recent life events have made me look at my own existence in more detail than I ever have done before.

If crossdressing is dominating your life, you may want to read this post.  Well written.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Transition Update - Month 20

My hair has been getting longer and longer. It is very nice to enjoy a full head of hair. Though I am learning to deal with the days when long hair is a bit of a curse. Then there are the times when you over heat due to the hair that covers your neck.

Emotional development, physical development, skin issues, hair growth, ofactory senses and new developments.  It's all in Aleana's Month 20 update on her journey.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Which cubicle in the ladies' loo?

Is it a desperately important issue? Well, for some nervous souls it might be. We feel most vulnerable with knickers dropped in a public place. And moreover a place where (if someone else comes in) neither can avoid listening to the other, and where there may be an unwanted social encounter as one or other emerges from the cubicle after flushing the loo. 

With due respect to Hannah, this time it's Lucy who's thinking again.  Why, or why, do you choose a particular stall?  Thoughts to ponder, from one of our longest bloggers.


That was the beginning. Soon I was trying on bras, girdles, slips, blouses, skirts, dresses, hats, gloves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and I even began experimenting with cosmetics whenever I was home alone.

If you missed this one, from Stana, it's short and sweet and starts with her mother's stockings.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The things I never knew before Julie…

When I read about trans people, I read the same narrative. The trans person knew since they were a young child and were insistent and persistent (unless it was unsafe for them to do so). But nothing is one size fits all and that includes gender.

Julie's mom, Michelle, lists seven things she never knew before Julie came along.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Survivor contestant outed as Trans

In his argument as to why he should not be voted off the show, Varner tried to turn his fellow castaways on Zeke by outing him and saying that the fact that Zeke hid that he was transgender “reveals the ability to deceive.”


Last night's reality show, Survivor, on the American network CBS, resulted in one of the contestants being outed as a gay man.  If you saw it, it was quite emotional.  There are a bunch of blog posts on the subject, but none from our list of bloggers.  Here are a couple:

GLAAD responds to outing of CBS 'Survivor' contestant Zeke Smith

CBS's 'Survivor' Shocks With Gay Man Outing Transgender Contestant


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Max Tara Breast Form Review

My immediate thoughts were, they were huge, and super soft!  I purchased the 300 gram size.  I thought that would be an okay size as they were advertised as an A or a B cup breast. 

So you need breast forms.  Do you purchase the $200 (US) forms or the $45 (US) forms?  How do you know what size to get?  Were they huge, as Nadine thought initially?  The answers to all of these questions (and more!) are in Nadine's Max Tara Breast Form Review.

Monday, April 10, 2017

When Is Transition Over?

Personally, I don’t even like the word transition.  To me it is misleading.  It means that we’re going from one thing to another.  We’re not doing that, though.  We already are this thing that we’re supposedly transitioning towards.  It’s true that our bodies change and how society sees us and treats us changes, but who we are stays the same.

Well said in a wonderful post.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sam Kane

Sam Kane, who has transitioned M-F-M, with vaginoplasty, then some sort of operation to create an “approximation” of male genitalia, has now transitioned back, but does not feel she needs further surgery. "Does it really matter what’s “down there?” "What’s in your head, heart and soul only matters". Well, that is the fashion. We all had The Operation back then, now increasing numbers don’t. And we object to journalists prying and disclosing what is between our legs, in prurient, sly, giggly articles for Daily Mail readers to get shocked or turned on over. 

Sam Kane is a London lawyer, born male, transitioned to female, detransitioned to male, and transitioned again to female.  Despite all of this, He/She/He/She has done pretty well for herself.  She lives in a 3 million British Pound (3.7 million dollar) home and drives a red Mercedes. 

Clare has a lot to say about Sam Kane in her latest post, which is a good read.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Standard

I have been crossdressing since I was ten years old.  I guess I didn’t realize it then, but even when I was younger, I always wanted to look a certain way when dressed — that which I was told was the best way to look.  Recently, with the support of my spouse, I have been able to express myself fully including wig, makeup and any and all of the other feminine accoutrements of which you can think. 

From the Crossdresser Heaven site, Eve comments on The Standard women live with every day, and how it has affected her place in life.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

caveat emptor

I don’t envy the partners of older transgender people. We who have taken so long to come to terms can compare our progress to a patiently moving snail. We lurch along to finally come to a resting place that often surprises the partner who justifiably can claim false advertising, but even sometimes ourselves who were certain our resting place was elsewhere on the spectrum.

No truer words were ever written.  

Caveat emptor: Let the [partner] beware.  

Monday, April 3, 2017

Cross Gender Hormones

Yikes! That is not much growth; I always thought they said we would be slightly less than our mother’s.

Diana links to a recent study.  The results?  There's a clue, above.  Go to Cross Gender Hormones for the rest of the story.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Think a Thought For Fate

I felt cared for. “You’ll just feel a little sting now.” I’ve had so many blood tests these last twelve months that I wasn’t really bothered but either way that initial sting was still there and this time the needle would remain in my arm for what felt like at least two or three minutes. I never look. I don’t mind blood unless it’s my own, at least not until the caps are on those vials and they’re all laying on the metal tray in all their deep rose glory.

This is simply another post documenting Hannah's gender journey.  In this case, a blood test....actually several.  It's Hannah's writing style, however, that makes this such an enjoyable post to read.  Oh, and she wanted that job by the sea.  Did she get it?   Go to, Think a Thought For Fate, to find out.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Friday the last day of Diva Las Vegas and our last day in Las Vegas.

Today is the end of Diva Las Vegas, wow it went by so fast. We were up late again last night. I am going to need a vacation to recover from my vacation, one reason I took Tuesday off.

Susan and friends did Diva Las Vegas.  It was a week of dining, gambling, meeting new friends, fast cars and picture taking.  Just a bunch of girls having fun!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Making the Hidden Visible - Imaginary Playmates, Trans Visibility and Sex Positivism

The picture [below] is me: out proud, sexy, unashamed, posing on a wall looking carefree and happy. I'm Trans-historied. My gender status is legally female. The photo was taken by my husband who is legally married to me here in the UK. Gay and Trans rights are so much better now than before. Indeed some question whether we still need to campaign and fight for them. I've even wondered so myself.
What a positive blog post, from Jane.  She wrote this post to take note Transgender Day of Visibility.  Things are so much better now, for the trans community, than they were a few years ago, but we have only touched the tip of the iceberg, as Jane notes in the last sentence of her post:
The woman in the picture above would need to cover up to please so many people, even though it would stop her keeping cool. She is still considered a man in many countries, her marriage to her husband is not legally recognised. Today, visibility for sexual orientation, gender and sexual freedom is more needed than ever.

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