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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Weight of Waiting

Transsexualism Congenital Disorder.  That's a very clinical name for a blog, but one well worth the read.  A friend suggested that I feature it.  I had not previously seen the blog.

Sagebrush (that's the only name we know her by) has a blog devoted to the transsexual who transitions later in life.  

She only has a few posts up at this point, but what I read really hit home with me.  They're not emotional posts.  Her writing just tells it like it is.   Nevertheless, I had tears in my eyes when I read the post we're featuring here on T-Central and I'm not even sure I know why.

This blog is for the late or potential transitioner, and his or her family and friends.  No nonsense.  No fancy words.  No emotions.  It just tells the reader what the late transitioner has gone through in life since he or she first discovered their gender issues. 

The Weight of Waiting is the post we're featuring but, since the blog is brand new, and Sagebrush just has a few posts up, why not read it all now?  


  1. I disagree that this is "a blog devoted to the transsexual who transitions later in life".

    While the latest post DOES in fact address the issues and difficulties for those attempting transition later in life, the first three posts are an accurate and concise synopsis of the transexual condition and what it is like to experience it. It goes on to assert that HRT and SRS are the most effective and successful treatment protocol.

    I tend to agree that those suffeing from this life threatening medcal malady should seek treatment as soon a possible with the clear understanding that this treatment is CONTRA-INDICATED and potentially LIFE THREATENING for those NOT suffering from this condition.

  2. I never thanked you for this link! It has certainly helped traffic. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!



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