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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Choose Wisely

Transition comes with a price tag that is seen only through the haze of jaded eyes and whose full price oft becomes only visible after the final sale has been completed. The reality of what it means to live as female is often lost by many a weekend cross-dressing warrior as they amble from one transgender convention to the next in a fantasy-land bubble of accepting and skewed alter-reality.  Then... each person who completes the journey and who tries to warn their fellow person of the concerns they must judiciously face ahead are met many a time by a headstrong valiance which only the ignorance of a myopic vision can yield. And so they too thrust headlong into the maelstrom, only to repeat the cycle.

Wise words from Christen.  Has she chosen her direction in life?  Find out by reading the excellent post, Choose Wisely, from her blog, The Woman Within.


  1. Her blog could probably do without the cheesy new age music :-)

  2. I do love your sense of humor, Jamie!


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