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Monday, July 30, 2012

Can Marriage Survive One Partner Transitioning?

Jack Molay is the author of a blog called Crossdreamers.  He freely admits to being a "man dreaming about having a female body" and has coined the term, crossdreamers to be synonymous with the term, "autogynephiliac".   He is an excellent writer and, as such, has had his blog listed here on T-Central for some time now.

A few days ago, Jack published a letter from the wife of someone who is transitioning.  She's trying to understand, but probably never will, at least completely.  She clearly articulates the thoughts and questions going through her mind and mentions just how little information is out there for the spouses of those who are transitioning.

Jack's reply is in the comments section of this post and is worth reading, as is the lively commentary from other readers of this post.  Go here to read it.

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