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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trans Privlege

She's pretty outspoken but she does claim to know it all.  That's our Miz, the author of today's featured blog post.  Agree or disagree, I like her rants, and I think they deserve to be read.

Here's a little taste of her latest:

....if you look somewhat female, you my Dear, along with everyone else in this continuum who might have been born a male but who "transitioned" is despite any choice in dress and any surgeries and any successful ruse to the contrary... is still a man!

It's a bit of a ramble, Miz, but I do see where you're going with this.

There's more and it all revolves around "male privilege"....or, ah, "trans privlege"!  Go here to read it.

Be advised that Miz does have one or two naughties in this post, that would never make it on American television.


  1. I think her rants are exactly that, no more, merely rants. Sorry, but they do not DESERVE to be read. I would've selected a different word.

    BTW, I'm glad you may be a "somebody" at T-Central, but you are not the whole of T-Central.

    Peace, love, understanding and kisses!

  2. Billie, my comments about this post of Miz's were partly satire and tongue-in-cheek, but I do enjoy good writing and I stand by what I said.

    If you take a look at the posts we've featured on T-Central over the years, we're all over the spectrum (now, that's a word Miz may not approve of).

    Now, if you want to know how I really feel about things, go check out my blog, but you will have to go back several months...

  3. I, too, stand by what I said and I'm a good writer as well.

    FYI, I've checked out your blog long ago (which included a few months passed) and I strongly suspect I know "where you're coming from". I'll keep reading the T-Central blog.

    Peace, love, kisses, understanding and inclusion.

  4. I'm fed up with such nasty attacks on trans people. T-Central supports and unites, Miz-Know-It-All and her ilk insult, attack and divide. Behind her burlesque style is harmful intolerant hostility.

    I support Billie's 'peace, love, kisses, understanding and inclusion', not Miz's nastiness.

    I prefer to remain anonymous because it doesn't feel safe not to be when criticising the likes of Miz-Know-It-All.

  5. Hey girls. Don't you like poking a bee's nest every once in awhile? I go to "their" sites just to stir up trouble and watch them try and defend each other by slinging hateful comments my way. Once you can get past the bees, the honey is sweet just knowing you are right and they are a bunch of nin-com-poops! Come on. Get you a stick a poke a few bees. It's great comic relief! lol

  6. @Sophie

    You are too illiterate to stir up anything other than a little Hot Springs Arkansas mud. I always find it amusing that some non-transitioning "whatever" like Calie and some old queen like you seem to think you have a clue what it means to be a girl, a woman, or female. It is the height of misogyny. How insulting it is when we have men telling women what it means to be female and claiming they were undercover females, like Calie, or some freak show pervert like Billie, or some Arkansas dipshit like you.

    Everyone that has lived through this nightmare and come out the other side as a woman understands what lying sacks of shit the entire bunch of you are. You will never function as a woman in society because you do not have a vagina. Whether you like it or not everyone will think of you as men in a dress regardless of what they say to your face. I have seen this truth all too often in my everyday life but then it is all about the clothes for you morons, isn't it. It has to be all about the clothes because other than the clothes what qualifies you to claim womanhood. Oh, that is right, you are men and men know what is right and how we women should behave and act because after all you married one and are keen observers of women when not fucking them in more ways that sexually.

    All hail the T-Central transvestites who think they know everything about being a woman. Just ask them.

    1. See, I poked the bees next and got a good laugh. You can't even get my name right. S-T-E-P-H-A-N-I-E Not a man in a dress. I wear the same thing I did for all of my years alive. A pair of jeans and a T-Shirt so that I fit in with the other girls. I don't pretend who I am, and I don't care how others see me, including you. People who judge others are not worthy of attention. Your always great for laughs, Lizzy.

  7. @Sophie

    With respect, I disagree.

    Trans is a fundamental, difficult and very sensitive aspect of our lives. This doesn't mean that humour is inappropriate. Unfortunately, though, what we are talking about is not sporting bitchiness between people who like each other really. There is real hatred here. It is disturbing to feel hated.

    Blogging can help trans people enormously. It is a means for expressing very private feelings, and a way of making friends with others who understand. Such nastiness in the air might well put off potential bloggers, making them think it safer to stay private and lonely after all.

    Answering back escalates the hostility. It also gives the attackers a chance to claim that it is they who are being attacked. It is not as if they are going to respond by saying 'Oh yes, good point. I take back what I said and I apologise.'

    Anon (the same one as above)

  8. My own take is something different.
    There are a clear number of bloggers who rarely talk about themselves save in terms of the 'lessons' they learned back in the day. They put forward specious distinctions between TS and TG, seek to maximise the elitism in the no op/ pre op / post op hierarchy, and inherently pressure the trans reader in terms of surgery. Whilst appealing in terms of saying the obvious, that cross dressers and transsexuals are, in the main, rather different animals, their own ideology admits only about 1% of post ops to be women.
    For those of us who have been around a bit, we can recognise these people for what they are : fakes, regretters, people who miss their male privilege so much that they seek equivalent privilege over other trans women, and a few who are sincerely misled or politically and socially naive.
    One can remain passive and simply hope they go away, but the harm done to people coming to terms with being trans, for example, as well as other readers, could be considerable. In that spirit I'm only to happy to comment on their blogs, and if they can debate then simply stick to that level. When, as in this case, MKIA is reduced to pouring out abuse through her 'anon' proxies, then I'm happy to have helped them show their own unpleasant prejudices to the world.

  9. I am under no illusion that I was "featured" for reasons other than to showcase my "hatred" and my "elitist" "anti-trans" thinking." That said, if one simply reads my blog with an open mind, and if one can set aside male hierarchical thinking for just a moment, I think you will find that is not the case, rather, I have been trying and will continue to try with a touch of humor to express two consistent thoughts!

    The first. Trans,transgender,gendervariant,genderqueer,crossdressing,transvestite,gay,lesbian,drag,etc,etc,etc, is not the same as transsexual! Transsexual is not some exclamation point to a sexual spectrum! It is not the penultimate of uber queer, It is not about gender or gender expression! It is and always has been about sexual dysmorphia and nothing else. It is a terminal condition which if left untreated will ALWAYS result in death. A condition which, if treated timely allows sufferers to be as cured as is humanly possible so they can go on to lead perfectly normal lives!

    Transsexuals are exceedingly rare and why they are seen as being at the top of some "trans-pile" confuses me! They are not to be envied rather they are to be pitied! I do not know of a single person born with this haeful condition who would not have traded their soul on the spot just to have it go the hell away! IN EITHER DIRECTION!!!! Yes dear ones... I would have been just as happy to have the mind match the body as the body to match the mind... it is the division that is the problem... not our gender expression!

    Which brings me to the second though! I'm really not a hater, far from it, Here in the real world, I am about as warm and caring a person as you would ever find, but that said, I am also one royally pissed off woman! Why? because over and over and over again I see those who are NOT transsexual using as only men could, those who are as their ONLY means to gain public acceptance! Rather than doing the hard work of defining what their gender expression is and then fighting for the rights of acceptance! We are put out there to be paraded round like animals in a circus as the face of what their "trans" is! Our painful narratives, stolen, co-opted, and spit back barely recognizable with words like non-op attached. Our singular desire to be "cured," to be made "whole," mocked! Our experiences post op of living lives far beyond this trans-verse negated! We are told repeatedly that despite all we have done that we can't move on! That we are still men and always will be! That we owe it to those totally unlike us to trade in our lives so we can be their examples! That we have no right to any sort of private lives with a closed narratives... We are told that we are being selfish and hateful, that we are living wrongly in "stealth" like the thieves we are! That we are haters and elitist because we dare to say we are different. That we are trans-phobic (ironic no?) when we say our identity is not the same as these others!



    I, like all sisters, paid dues that would make your blood run cold! Like anyone fighting for their life, we sacrificed and we did it gladly! Nothing asked of us was too great, no cost requested was too high, no degradation demanded was too low. No work we could find was too menial! Whatever it took was exactly what we did... and once we made it to the other side... we moved on! Thank the Gods, we were cured!... and while there are always many many years of healing work left to do. We went out into the world and made our ways, not as trans-anything, but as ordinary women...

    In fact the ONLY reason I leave the real world to come back to this place is to give voice to those like myself who have yet to find their way. To counter, small as it may be, the sickly sweet sounding endless parade of truly hateful and negating words promulgated by those who are not transsexual to lure those still struggling into their web of "Trans!"

    So look at me and laugh if it makes you feel better, call me an elitist and a hater, sock puppet and nazi, trans-phobe and homophobe... but try as you might, it will not make your false spectrum real and neither will it stop me from speaking out about the injustices you are doing to my brothers and sisters in the name of "trans-unity!"

  11. Well said, MKIA. Again, Thank You.

    A sister.


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