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Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Study Dismisses the Autogynephilia Approach to Transgender

If you're like me, always wondering why I am the way I am, you may be interested in Jack Molay's most recent post on his blog, Crossdreamers.

This well written piece reviews Dr. Jamie F. Veale's (pictured on the left) and Dr. Ray Blanchard's different theories on transsexualism, including the theories behind late onset and early onset transsexuals.  As an example, I extracted this paragraph from Jack's post referencing Veale's Identity-Defense Theory:

According to the Identity-Defense Theory some transsexual children are more likely to repress their gender identity than others, which at least partly explain the difference between early and late onset.  Veale notes elsewhere that introvert gender variant kids are more likely to try to follow the gender behavior expected by their parents, as introverts are more likely to be people pleasers. Indeed, Veale goes as far as indicating that this may also influence their sexual orientation: A repression of gender variance may go hand in hand with a repression of same-sex attraction.

If any of this piques your interest, allow yourself 10 minutes or so to read Jack's most recent post, New Study Dismisses the Autogynephilia Approach to Transgender.


  1. Why is it that it is always those with a vested interest and a very high degree of emotional investment that expect the rest of us to accept their "study" as impartial? Could it be for the very same reason that men with a transvestic fetish are always the ones "manslianing" how men wearing dresses is just a normal variation in human behavior.

    And why are you so afraid to address these simple questions?

  2. I know who wrote this comment above and this person also has a vested interest in writing this. Its the "men in dresses" part that gives her away. Fortunately along with believers of the Blanchard philosophy, old HBS'ers are a dying breed and we are ready to now go on to the real science of gender dysphoria and how it affects a small sliver of the population.

  3. oh and transsexuality as the most extreme form of gender dysphoria is just as abnormal (if not more so) than so called "men in dresses"

  4. Dear Anon one, don't we all have emotional investment in our beliefs that make impartial judgements a very subjective call? From what I could gather from this Crossdreamer blog it's not necessarily about dressing as women but rather that dream/fantasy/desire of being one. Not sure how that fits in the whole fetish category. The reality is nature leans toward variations and exceptions in nearly everything we try put in a box.

    'Simple questions"? Well, they aren't always so easy to come up with black and white simple answers. "Who am I"? "What is my purpose in life"? "How did God come to be"?

    Saw no mention of the study/theory being impartial. Maybe I missed that. One of the things I've noticed in trans culture is the constant need to bolster up ones own justification for their choices. Often this leads to the final argument that one has no choice in the matter.

    Common T

  5. anon 2 you are correct and it is because everyone has a vested interest in trying to understand themselves that can lead some (in a perverse method of self protection) to lash out as others and call them fetishists. Harry Benjamin who is the father of modern day transsexualism never believed any such thing and was only interested in a gender disorientation scale (which is why he put his patients into types). Some types 5 and 6 have a problem with the fact that types 1 through 4 exist and also suffer from a milder form of the same phenomenon...

  6. Autogynephilia is a term that has two parts to it. Part 1 is an observed phenomenon that is absolutely true. Part 2 is a hypothesis about what Part 1 means that is unproven.

    Most transexuals dismiss the theory out of hand because Part 2 is so outrageous. The dissonance people feel about just accepting that it’s outrageous is that it still leaves open the question of “What does Part 1 mean?” You will never convince anyone on the far right that it means anything but you are a sick pervert regardless of the science dismissing the hypothesis.

    It’s uncomfortable to talk about, but the transgender community really needs a better response to why 90% of late transitioning MtF transexuals are sexually aroused by the dressing in women’s clothing or imagining themselves as female. I don’t think it’s a pathology. It’s not a sexual orientation. It needs more discussion and research. It can’t be ignored. It’s there.

    My opinion is that it is some kind of sexual desire that is normal compared to what other people fantasize about. I know some men who are really turned on by red nails. They are not diagnosed with rednailephila and their sexual orientation isn’t “red nails” it’s women.

    Is this the complete answer? I don’t know. But this really needs to be explored further so we can dismiss this term “autogynephilia” completely.

    1. This response is fascinating and really shows how autogynephiles don't even bother to read Blanchard before jumping on the 'badbadbad Blanchard' bandwagon. Autogynephilia precisely IS sexual arousal 'by dressing in women's clothing or imagining themselves as female'. While Blanchard's typology continues to be refined, nobody with half an ounce of understanding of transgender is in any doubt that 1 there are two totally different types of transgender and 2 that the ONLY credible explanation we have for this, which has been confirmed over and over again, is Blanchard.

      Autogynephiles' sexual orientation is gynephile -- they are attracted to women. It's just that the sexiest woman they think they know is themselves. It is a subset of a broader orientation; people just call it a separate one to avoid the inevitable -- and logical -- comment -- 'Oh you mean they're just straight guys then?' You choose.

      AGP denialism is a joke.

  7. I don't understand what this person means by dismissing it. He claims to have disproved the paraphilia of men imagining themselves as women for sexual arousal?
    Or is he just saying that people like that shouldn't be allowed to become transsexual and should be denied surgery?


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