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Monday, June 16, 2014

This Broke My Heart Tonight

Before I get to the featured post, I wanted to point out a comment that was left on our previous post.  The comment involves Father's Day which, in the USA, was yesterday, June 15th.  I looked for a Father's Day themed post, but couldn't find the one I wanted.  If this commenter had turned that comment into a post, I would have loved to have featured it.

Today's featured blog post, This Broke My Heart Tonight, is from Joel's REtransition blog.  Joel wanted to remember Zoraida, another recent victim of a hate crime.  

In Joel's words:

It absolutely breaks my heart that this young and promising life was extinguished and left for garbage behind a Dairy Queen. There are far too many stories like this and this is why you will NEVER hear me use the term “trannies” as a blanket epithet to refer to transwomen.

It has been our policy to feature a broad spectrum of blogs on T-Central.  Joel's blog is about his re-transition, from male, to female, and back to male.  I very much admire his courage to write about a subject that is seldom discussed.

Go here, to read about Joel, and go here to check out some interesting links on his well thought out website and blog.

If you do nothing else, however, please remember Zoraida "Ale" Reyes in your thoughts and prayers.

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