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Thursday, July 31, 2014

What to Expect After Sexual Reassignment Surgery
Kitty Kat Kat is the Silly Trans Woman, and when using a name like that you know that she's got a sense of humor.

I've followed her blog over the years.  It's just full of personal knowledge and advice.  Kitty's mission, is to "...simply to offer accurate and relevant advice to transgender individuals, their friends and families, and anyone else looking to learn more about who we are and the problems we face."

Her most recent post, What to Expect After Sexual Reassignment Surgery, is typical of all of her advice, most based on personal experience.

I wish that Kitty had an index of past posts.  If it's there, I can't find it.  She does have an "About Me" section on her site, as well as a listing of some of her significant posts which include topics from breast development to tucking.  If you're transgender and considering transition, just about all of the common questions and advice can be found in Kitty's blog, including Things to Know if You're Transgender.

Kitty Kat Kat doesn't claim to be a medical doctor or a therapist so, when you peruse her blog, think of it as collection of practical advice and personal experience.

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