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Friday, November 21, 2014

Are You an Apple Trapped Inside a Cranberry?

Jamie Ray lives in the United States.   The American Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.  The following Friday, for many, is a day off from work and a popular shopping day.  

Thanksgiving is a family holiday, where families gather, eat a feast, and give thanks.

Because of the American Thanksgiving's close proximity to the Christmas and New Year holidays, the entire period is considered the Holiday Season in this country.

It can be a fun time of the year but, for the lonely or those who have been abandoned by family, it can be a very depressing time of the year.

In her words, Jamie Ray lives "....on the border between trans and butch"......a border her mother refused to cross.  It all came to a head on Thanksgiving many years ago.  For many, it would have resulted in a depressing period.  For Jamie Ray and her partner, it mean improvising and celebrating the holiday with friends.  The two of them have been together ever since, but there is an ongoing disagreement between these two, centered around Thanksgiving.  

Read, Are You an Apple Trapped Inside a Cranberry?, to find just what this dispute is all about and the "recipe" for compromise.

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