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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Eating like a Man

The paradox of coming out as transmasculine is that I now take an active interest in what I look like. When I think of myself as a boy, I see myself as solid and handsome. Not chubby. Not dowdy. The girl fat had to go.

I think many serious male-to-female transsexuals go on the weight loss regimen once they make the decision to transition.  On the other hand, and as Jamie Ray points out in this blog post, many cis-males will tend to eat everything that is set in front of them, without worrying about the figure, and then go on to dessert.

Jamie Ray, has gone in the other overweight girl early in life to a "solid and handsome" transmasculine now.  

Eating like a Man is from Jamie Ray's blog, A Boy and Her Dog.

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