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Sunday, April 21, 2019


Our hostess at T-Central posts so rarely that I fear some may not have noticed it flash by on our list below!

Calie is one of the founders of the DRAB (dressed as a boy) - GAB luncheon meetings at the River City Gems. As one who would have benefitted so much back in my deep stealth days, it seems to me that such luncheons should be a part of any trans group's monthly rota.
In her post DRAB = DRESSED AS A BOY, Calie also makes some very good points on the topic of late transitioners. As she writes "I've got to say that some of the aging early transitioners seem have the crazy belief that if you haven't transitioned by age 30 you're either dead or you're not a transsexual".

She posts so rarely and writes so very well. Head over to Calie's Chronicles and read DRAB = DRESSED AS A BOY.

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