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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Gender Exhausted

With much of the gender thing at the lowest point it’s been in so long I questioned whether there was anything left there. Dreading every letter posted through the door might be the next appointment for the Gender Identity Clinic and I had nothing I could have taken them other than lacklustre, indecisiveness and disorientation.

Reading a blog post from Hannah is such a pleasure.  I've mentioned so many times before that I love her writing.  So honest.  So open.  So....feminine.  

In Gender Exhausted, Hannah is again thinking out that gender thing......still questioning it.  When I read her posts, they just come across to me as written by a woman, so what's to question?  An easy question for me to ask, but a difficult question for me to answer about myself.  Take some time to read her well written posts and come to your own conclusion.

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