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Monday, October 6, 2014

Understand Suicide

I can't speak for my co-admins at T-Central, but I tend to stay away from featuring posts that are "down" or depressing.  This time, however, I want to make an exception.

I've been following Justine-Paula's Life Diary for quite a while now.  Nearly every post speaks of suicide and I have feared for her welfare ever since I first discovered the blog.

Justine is from the UK, but has been living in South Africa for some time.  She began living full time, as a woman, a few years ago, while living in South Africa.  That was probably the high-point of her life, but things went downhill quickly with most of her issues related to the loss of her job as a video editor and the loss of her mother.

Since she lost her job - and Justine will contend that it was related to her transition - her life has been miserable.  She apparently lives in an environment (country or city?) that is not trans friendly and has found that absolutely no one will hire her.  She's been depressed and she's not been treating her body as the "temple" it is.

A couple of years ago, a friend sponsored Justine so that she could spend some time in the USA.  She loved living in the States, but could never find a job.  This was probably due to the location she was living in (the state of Vermont), where jobs as video editors are few and far between.  Without a job, Justine was forced to return back to South Africa, after six months in the USA (I think), and that is where she is today.

Justine just wants a job which is related to video editing and, for that special job, she is willing to live anywhere in the world.  You can tell by her writing that she is talented, and she needs to put that talent to work.

And, if she can't get a job, her other wish is for her life to end.

I doubt there is someone out there who can find Justine a job, but this girl needs friends and perhaps even advice.  For that reason, I'm featuring her most recent post, Understand Suicide.

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  1. It seems that some of the most talented people also live the darkest of existences. :-(


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