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Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Penultimate Post

I call this the penultimate post because it is the next to the last post I will write for this blog.  This blog is not going away, nor am I.  My transition is not ending, just as each and every one of us never end our own life's transitions, whether you be transgender or not.  What is going away is the need for me to chronicle my gender transition.

It's always sad to see a blogger go away.  In the case of our bloggers who have completed their transitions, it makes sense however.  They're done with acting, followed by a period of transition.  Now, they simply want to put everything behind them and get on with life in the gender they should have been born in.  

Such is the case with Christen and her Penultimate Post.  In this one, she fills in the blanks.  You're going to want to read it!

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