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Thursday, May 10, 2018

a handy guide if you are trans but can't transition

I loved this piece because it is so positive. It is very much pro-transition but you will understand when you read it why this trans person is not able to. It's just a lovely little narrative to lift anyone's spirits coming from someone with some challenges who chooses not to let them get her down.

Joanna links to a nice post from a girl who is unable to complete a medical transition due to health issues. Thank you, Joanna, for sharing this.

Here's a quote from the article

Not being able to transition this very moment does not mean you never will. I’ve heard so many trans people say “If I can’t transition now, I’ll kill myself” and, as much as I relate to that feeling, I don’t think it has to be true. In fact, I believe that statement initially became commonplace less because of the need to transition and more because saying that was something that finally convinced gatekeepers standing between us and our happiness to finally move out of the fucking way.

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