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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Split Second

Waves gushing against the manufactured coastal protective rocks and a breeze as constant as the passage of time blew away days of pollen from my eyes. Even though the sun was still shining bright and hard with heat the sea air had blown away as much of my soggy head as it could. It was medicinal and even though this was just a walk to the cafe to get some ‘work’ done on the laptop, I really felt like staying and sitting on this rock all day just watching the white sea foam wash the rocks and the cormorants dive into the sea and pull out lunch in a twentieth of the time it would take one of the fishermen on the harbour wall.

With an introduction like Hanna's first paragraph, above, who wouldn't read this post?  I just love her writing style!  There is a trans "twist" to this post, which revolves around running, endorphins, and the sea.

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