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Monday, December 3, 2018

Nadine's Not so Mini Update

E's effects are not always as noticeable.  Thus I love comparing my old favorite photos to my new favorite photos.  That is where I see the most changes.  Most people keep saying - yeah you look happier.  Do you know what?  Something else must be happening.  I can't just be getting happier and happier.  Was I happy when I first got the hormones on 7/3/17?  Yes I was!

It's really been interesting to read about Nadine's life changes over time.  There was a time when transition was a question, rather than decision.  Along with the decision, I love the way this girl makes the most out of her life and her marriage.  In this post, Nadine updates us on her transition progress and includes some pictures comparing then and now.  Back then, she was merely gorgeous.  Now, she's beyond gorgeous!

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