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Friday, April 20, 2012

My Drunk Kitchen Spoof (Parody) - Makeup Tutorial & Gender Talk

Jessica Who.

What can I say about this girl?

Let's see.... perfect!  Please show me how you do it, girl!

She looks just so fab!

Blogger....for a REALLY long time.
Oh, and she's a funny girl too!

Take a look at her 99th video blog.  In her own words, in a note sent to us at T-Central:

This week I created what I feel is my best video ever, with the right mixture of humor, honesty, and positivity. I really believe in it and want to share it with as many people as possible.

I agree.  You will love this one.  Just turn up the volume and click on the link, below.

My Drunk Kitchen Spoof (Parody) - Makeup Tutorial & Gender 

Now, Jess, please tell me more about your eye makeup!



  1. He isn't a girl, he's a cross-dresser. Simple.

  2. Quite observant of you, Anon. Indeed, Jessica is a dude, as she will freely admit. I do, however, adhere to a policy that when presenting as a woman, "he" becomes "she" when describing said woman via the written word.


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