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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Girl From Mars

T-Bloggers come and go.  If a new blogger is still going six months later, you can generally depend on that blog being around for a few years.  It's rare, however, to see a blog go more than about 5 years or so.  When that happens, the blogger has probably run out of material to write about or may just be burned out.

I was doing some house cleaning, here at T-Central, and came across an old blog that had not been updated in some time.  I thought about deleting it from our list but the next day I saw a new post and, in this case, it turned out to be Helena's last post.

Helena Love has been the author of a nicely done blog since 2007.  Her blog has been about her crossdressing adventures in and around the London area.  In her last post, she says:

I’m afraid this blog is closed, I simply don’t have the time , need, inclination or energy to update it any more, sorry. It will stay like this until the lease on the web server runs out, then it will be gone for good.

Why not take a look, while it's still there?  As I said, Helena has done a nice job with this blog and there's lots and lots of pictures.  It won't be on our list much longer, so do it now!

 Girl From Mars is the place to go.

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