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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Looking Over My Shoulder

It's been a while since we featured Cyrsti on T-Central.  Cyrsti is a prolific blogger, who has been at it since 2010.  Her blog and her writing are well thought out and well worth your time.

In her latest post, Looking Over My Shoulder, Cyrsti discusses that issue which is so familiar to genetic women and should be given attention by those who are transitioning or just crossdressing out in public.  You're not percieved as a male out there and you no longer have that "male security".  Cyrsti relates an incident that she experienced several years ago.  It taught her a lesson, and perhaps one of you may benefit from her experience.


  1. I would have thought you'd have the decency to spell her name correctly

    Shirley Anne

  2. Early into my transition I went to a straight bar that I'd been to maybe a dozen times. The last time I was knocked out by one punch from a man that had kissed without warning. I told him my status, he went to his table, then hit me as I went to the bathroom. I've been frightened of dark places and situational danger since. ...Thanks for posting this, Christie.

  3. @Shirley Anne - Thanks for pointing this out. I have a friend who spells her name Crysti. My mistake. I try to be so careful and then mess up on the most obvious.

    My apologizes to Cyrsti.


  4. Too bad that like most transie blogs, free and open commentary is not allowed.

  5. Apology accepted!!! Just happy to be featured...makes it all worthwhile :)
    Thanks Calie!!!!



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