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Monday, February 13, 2017

Not A Life Choice – Medical Decisions

One of the things that bothers me most, okay besides being an Amazon, is my voice. I decided to check out one doctor’s session on altering the voice. Of course, when he started bashing other doctors methods and saying his was best, oh and about $4000 more than the others, I got leery, but stayed to listen. I am trying to remember the exact costs, but I will ball park.  He said there were three methods in use today, the one he did was to remove the front of the voice box and shorten the vocal cords and shrink the voice box. All told about a $10,000 procedure.

Emma has been looking into the various medical decisions she needs to consider when transitioning.  She has found is that not all doctors agree with the procedures others use.  She discusses the different procedures to feminize a male voice, but also mentions the many other medical decisions that need to be considered in a transition.

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