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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sad News

I'm not going to into details because her story is like many trans teenagers when they transition, their teenage years is probably the most stressful time of their life and couple that with transitioning the stress can become agonizing. Even with total support from the family, school, and church it is still taxing on teens, and in one case it was unbearable.

Diana has pretty much dedicated her life to transgender rights.  In this post, she makes a plea for more mentors for LGBT teens.

The Sad News Diana writes about relates to the death of a transgender teen, who attended a private boarding school and seemingly had it all, including support for her transition.  In her post, Diana links to the full article.

The subject of trans teens is one I feel very close to.  I was one of them, with zero support, yet I survived.  It is rare that I actually do a post on my own blog, but I did do one on this subject.  The beginning is rather graphic, but it needed to be said and involves the death of the transgender child of a very very close transgender friend.

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