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Monday, February 20, 2017

understanding the erotic component

Because I came from a deeply religious family where sex was not discussed much at all, I grew up with little access to information and was very much ignorant of matters relating to the subject. With no firsthand experience in intercourse until I married I was then faced with the reality that my ability to perform sexually had been deeply impacted by my dysphoric feelings.

Coming from a similar background, I share Joanna's early lack of understanding the erotic component.


  1. Using a deeply religious background as an excuse for not coming to terms with oneself is an easy cop out. All who grew up prior to internet access did so with little access to good truthful and relevant information and yet, some of us were honest enough with ourselves to understand who we were and what needed doing.
    Even today the narrative is that of victimization and shirking responsibility onto others.
    Mine is nott a popular opinion and unlikely to be published in this atmoshere of enforced group-think. Nevertheless, there it is. Do with it as you will.

  2. Your opinion may not be popular, nor may it be credible. Both yet to be determined. Hard to tell without knowing a bit about YOUR history. What you're saying would hold come credibility with me if I knew your background. Apparently, you have been on this earth for many years. Have you transitioned? Do you know anything about transitioning? Were you raised by deeply religious parents from the old country who were homophobic, transphobic or, yeah, whatever? Would they disown you if you transitioned? Did they tell you that you would burn in Hell if you transitioned? Did they tell you that you looked like a fag when you grew your hair out?

    If you have seen T-Central featured posts, they are from all viewpoints. Not sure what you are referring to as "group-think". If you want to express your opinions, why not do a blog?

    Bottom line: I don't have a lot of patience for those who reveal little about themselves. Glass houses, ya know?

  3. Yes, my parents were old school and religeous, both were naturalized US citizens. Both were outraged and definately not supportive of my utterances or behaviors. From an early age I was sent to doctors to be fixed.
    But what has my background got to do with my opinion? I am a happy, and in the words of the author of this featured this festured post, enormously successful in my long ago efforts to correct those physical features of my body which did not line up with who l am.
    Did I know something that you did not know? You say your contributors hold a variety of viewpoints. I disagree. Where are those that support the honest views of Charlotte Goiar?


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