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Sunday, July 26, 2020

The Crossdressers Voice

Having heard girls for different (english speaking) nations adopt this method I have come to the conclusion they have almost invented the 'tranny accent', which to my mind is not a good thing. I have been on an evening out and could hear someone talking behind me, and I instantly knew it was a crossdresser without seeing the person. 

OK, I really hate the title of this post because it certainly does not apply strictly to crossdressers.  Many who are transitioning or have transitioned still face this issue and it's unique to those of us who are male-to-female transgender.  I have met many who transitioned more than 20 years prior who still face this issue.  Andrea doesn't have the answers but she certainly brings up some good points as to how NOT to communicate with your voice. 

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  1. Thank you Calie, I agree perhaps a better title could have been used but I was talking from a purely personal perspective, hence the use of 'crossdresser'. Thanks for your support.......


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