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Friday, December 26, 2014

A Year’s Worth of Heady Reflection on WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A (transgender) WOMAN

If you scroll down the right side of the T-Central home page, you will find a listing of religious blogs.  Included is My Buddah is Pink, TransEpiscopal, Muslimah in Progress, LDS Gender, Ad Fontes, Queering the Church, Reclaiming Theylogy, and The Catholic Transgender.  I'm sure there are others out there, but this is what we currently have listed.

Speaking for myself, I think it's important to have these blogs listed on T-Central.  There are so many out there, myself included, who have had this incredible inner-conflict between who and what we feel we are (trans) and our religious roots.  I'm sure that, for many Christians, the Christmas holiday fuels these inner conflicts.

The paragraph, below, is just one excerpt from AYear's Worth of Heady Reflection on WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A (transgender) a WOMAN. It is an interesting collection of thoughts from Anna Magdalena, written for the blog, A Catholic Transgender.  Good reading and not heavy-duty religious content.

Woman is not a child-bearing machineThis here is my biggest problem with the view of gender common to many fellow Catholics which has dominated much of Western history in one form or another. Woman is not a field in need of planting. She is not a certain kind of real estate, nor is she “that which can be impregnated and bear children.” She is not land to be colonized. The woman who is born without a womb is still woman. The woman who is infertile is still woman. Woman even irrelevant of man is still woman. She is a good in of herself, not only good relative to men and children.

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