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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dusk and Dawn - Removing binary gender

Almost everything in nature we see and experience has varying degrees. There is night and day, but they can’t happen without dusk and dawn. Just so in people, There is male and female. But we ALL have elements in us. The traits of masculinity and femininity are to be found in both. We are all just people. It’s only for reproduction that it really matters.

In her words, Jodie is...... "Just a Tgirl who feels it's what we have between our ears and not just what we have between our legs that makes a person who they are."   In her latest post, she's getting all philosophical on us. It's short, but she reiterates the ideas that most of us share.

Jodie's Page is the name of the blog.  Dusk and Dawn - Removing binary gender is the title of the post.

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