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Monday, December 5, 2016

Shared journeys

We spoke further around appearances and how they define us. I spoke about feeling like a minority: that story about visiting a poly and being the only other white guy there. I said, as with W's experiences, how experiences can help us empathise with others not always like us. I then heard myself say "but partly, because I don't always look like this." I wonder if my subconscious was ahead of me. That happens. W's interest was piqued and I realised I had to complete the sentence. "I am... trans, if that makes sense. Mostly I look like this, but you can't turn off who you are."

I so enjoy Lynn's writing, especially her humor.  This post, however, is lacking Lynn's trademark humor and takes a more serious tact.  It's all about a conversation with a cis-woman whom Lynn entrusts with her secret.  I bet if felt good, for Lynn.  I know the feeling...of sharing journeys.  

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