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Thursday, December 8, 2016

What A Weekend

So then why did I say that nobody would be swayed by this totally normal day of mine?

1 - I interacted with people who I was buying things from, thus they needed to act professionally.
2 - I pass so awesomely amazingly that nobody would ever suspect that I am anything but a natal born female.
3 - The only reason nobody bothers me is that I live in the ultra liberal state of Kalifornia.
4 - I have a perfect wing-woman in my wife.

Now, what about that above list is wrong?  Hmmm...... prettymuch all of it.

Nadine and her awesome wife did a day of wine tasting.  She had a fab time and a wonderful weekend.  She also comments on the quality of the wine, the folks she met, tells you a few more things about herself, and even includes an invitation.  

I just found this to be a cute post and hopefully you will too.  And, yes Nadine, I'd love to spend a day wine tasting with you!

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