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Friday, March 30, 2012

That's the trouble with partners of transvestites...

Jenny, one of our T-Central administrators, and a self-described "massive virtual punch-up between a giant-sized transgendered woman and her host" wrote a post this morning that really resonated with me.

It's rare that we feature our own posts on TC, but I do encourage all of you to take a peek at "That's the trouble with partners of transvestites..."  It's from Jenny's blog, Large Blooming Flower.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear 15 year old me...

I'm sure most of you have visited Zoe's blog, A. E. Brain, from time to time.  I always try to catch up on what Zoe has to written, and often I'm a wee bit today, when I caught up on a post she did a couple of weeks ago.  

Dear 15 year old me... is a beautifully written post and it's an emotional one for those of us who aren't early transitioners.  If you haven't seen this post, take a look.  I bet you'll relate.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Essential reading for Blogger users

    A little sojourn off-topic for you this morning, but important reading for people whose writing is hosted on Blogger.
    You may have noticed that Blogger has undergone some changes behind the scenes over the last year. New template styles and a completely new interface as Blogger is brought under the consistent Google look-and-feel.
    One of these changes has found its way into the public-facing side of Blogger. That little checkbox that used to appear in pop-up comment forms allowing you to follow comments by email. It's gone, so your readers can't see replies without going back to your blog.
    Its replacement, a 'subscribe' link, only appears beside the embedded comment form. So for the sake of your readers who'd like to be able to subscribe to your comment streams by email, please could we ask you to change to the embedded comment form.
    It's an easy process. From the Blogger menu, choose 'Settings'. From the sub-menu, choose 'Posts and comments', then find the 'Comment location' pulldown. Select the 'Embedded' option and click the 'Save' button. That's it, you're done. The 'subscribe' link should appear by the comment form at the bottom of each post.
    Your readers will thank you for performing this task.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Transgendered Midlife Crisis

It's been a while since Jenny, Halle, or I have featured a blog here on T-Central.  Not sure why, but I'm sure it has something to do with a misalignment of the planets.

So, I guess it's time to again feature one of the wonderful blogs from our list.

Cyrsti's Transgendered Condo has been around for a while but we haven't featured one of Cyrsti's posts for a long time.  Transgendered Midlife Crisis is Cyrsti's latest, and she says a lot in this post that anyone who is a late transitioner or a midlife crossdresser can relate to.  Just today my pal, Halle, had a chat with me related to this subject.

While Cyrsti probably doesn't say anything in this post that's breaking news, I'm sure many of you will enjoy the post and nod your head in agreement as you read it, perhaps with a feeling of solidarity.   And, if you like it, let our girl know you appreciate her writing!

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