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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Alice Jane in Newcastle

Alice Jane is a male, a husband and father,  an engineer and, in her words, a Slackware Linux geek.  Oh, and Alice Jane is also a crossdresser, with no desire to go beyond occasional crossdressing.

Alice Jane is not an expert on gender health and identity issues, nor is she a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, or a psychologist.

Nevertheless, she has attempted to write an essay on sex and gender, which was prompted by a question from a cisgender woman, a friend, who has been struggling to understand how Alice can be a husband, father...and a crossdresser?  For many, it boggles the mind.

I'm featuring this post because I think Alice has done a good job in her attempt to answer her friend's questions.  She's sharing her answer, in the form of an essay, via her blog.  Clearly, her essay lacks credits, and is certainly not written by an "expert", but she's done her homework, it it's worth reading for those of you who may have to explain similar questions.

Go here to read her post, An essay on sex and gender.  Then, go here to read a followup post, More on sex and gender.  It's all in her blog, Alice Jane in Newcastle.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lotties Corner of the Cyberverse

If you browse through the blogs listed on T-Central, you'll find a wide diversity of gender-variant-themed blogs.  Most are authored by crossdressers or by transsexuals in transition.  Very few are authored by those who feel the overwhelming emotional urge to transition, but fight it every minute of every day of every year.  

Those who have followed my own blog, know that I fit in that corner of the room where few bloggers stand.  It is for this reason that I noted, with interest, this quote from Charlotte's blog:

.....I can't go through with this right now, I need to fight this for as long as I can as I have people who still need the me they know, not some new me.

We haven't featured Charlotte's blog, so I thought I'd share her latest post with you.  If you're in that corner of the room with me, Charlotte, Halle, and others, you might find Lotties Corner of the Cyberverse of interest.  Go here for her latest post, And so this is it, the end of the road.

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