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Thursday, January 30, 2020

At Work En Femme Again

I had a great experience. I got a few “you look too good” comments, but I just took them in stride. The most attractive woman in our company, a tall “to die for” blond, visited my cubicle and wanted to check out my makeup job. She was surprised that I did my own makeup.

I was not aware of this, but Stana had two blogs prior to Femulate.  One was A Passing Interest and the other was NFem.  In this featured post, Stana looks back at a post she did in 2003 about a workplace Halloween contest.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Feminine Differential - The Ideal Heel Height

Sure, I do have several of the 100 mm beauties that my friend describes as "limo heels"; wear when you are dropped at the door, make the entrance and head to your seat shoes. 

Did you know that there is a way to calculate your ideal heel height?  If not, read Rhonda's latest post.

Just Like A Woman (1992)

Watching it recently, you notice the use of the term "transvestite" dates the film and there's a constant feel of heteronormality, throughout.


Old film.  New review.  It's all brought to you by the demigirl from Wilshire.



Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Jazz Jennings has had a tougher transition than her doctors expected. In the last two years, the teen reality star and LGBTQ+ activist has undergone multiple gender confirmation surgeries, and her doctors are now revealing more details about what went wrong in the new season of TLC's I Am Jazz, People reported.

Long time blogger, Diana, is always out there with news and comment.  This one is about GRS complications.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Big anniversary

This Thursday, 23 January, was a big anniversary.

Yep, it's 10 years for Sue.  To find out just what she did 10 years ago, read her post.  Hint: It involved the UK Angels.

Oh, and how about her first blog post?  Go here to read Everybody's Doing It.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

My Transitioning Goals for the New Year (2020)

I hope to make the same amazing progress that I have made since July 2019 (see – My Amazing Progress). This includes going out in only woman’s clothing and with makeup on on a full time basis. I was able to do the makeup thanks to my girlfriend teaching me how to do it and helping me choose the right foundation and blush.

Stephie lays out her plans for 2020.  If you want to hold her to her plan, you need to read her Transitioning Goals for the New Year.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Walk A Mile In Her Heels - Tawni

I was so very fortunate to be found by a genetic girl looking for someone just like me. Barb, who was and is my Goddess, met me and we fell in love. For eight years I had someone who loved and adored Tawni more than Joe, while still being married. Barb brought out all of the best of Tawni and as Joe, as the person I was always meant to be, a mix of the two persons.

The words, above, are from Tawni.  It's all part of a really nice interview, conducted and written by our friend, Shannyn.

Jess 2.0

This is a long, post that starts out one a low note and ends in a high note. 

If you've note seen this blog, it's about a terrific mom and her teenage daughter.  In Mom's words:

They said, “it’s a boy”, but they lied.   Experience the transition from male to female from a parent’s point of view.

The screen shot, on the right should be all it takes to get you to read this long, but fabulous blog post.

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