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Monday, March 27, 2023

Are men hard wired to be sexist?

For years there has been laws and education to change people's mindset, and to a fair extent this has worked and continues to do so. But I still wonder why when young lads get into the pub they can't resist making sexist or lewd comments as a lady walks past.


Good post, from Andrea.  She has some comments regarding the question, above, and asks for your opinion.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Random Thoughts on Nine Years "Out"

Still, on a deeper level, am I better off than I was nine years ago?





Long time blogger and friend of T-Central, Sophie, shares some random thoughts after nine years of transition.  As for the answer to the question, above, you will just have to read her post .

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

city ​​and park

At the Rituals in the Rathausgalerien, I asked again about my favorite perfume, Poem d'Azar. Unfortunately, they obviously took that out of the repertoire. Incomprehensible to me - it was simply stunning.


Although Violetta is new to T-Central, she certainly is not a new blogger, since she's been blogging since 2017.

Violetta is from Austria, and you'll notice that her blog is not in English.  There is, however, a translate button near the top right of her home page.

Do enjoy her blog.  in the latest post, city ​​and park, you find plenty of photos of Violetta along with some beautiful scenery.

Friday, March 3, 2023


Let’s say 80% of the time I’m looked after. Then maybe 15% being awesome service: awesome, as in the assistant is chatty, funny, really helpful, etc. The other chunk? Ignored, blanked, shrugged at, ‘busy’ talking to a colleague, etc.



Lynn had a nice day of shopping.  Living the US, I'm not familiar with the shops she visited.  Read the post to see what she bought!  Also note her shoe size (about two sizes smaller than mine, translating US to UK women's sizes).

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