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Thursday, July 31, 2014

What to Expect After Sexual Reassignment Surgery
Kitty Kat Kat is the Silly Trans Woman, and when using a name like that you know that she's got a sense of humor.

I've followed her blog over the years.  It's just full of personal knowledge and advice.  Kitty's mission, is to "...simply to offer accurate and relevant advice to transgender individuals, their friends and families, and anyone else looking to learn more about who we are and the problems we face."

Her most recent post, What to Expect After Sexual Reassignment Surgery, is typical of all of her advice, most based on personal experience.

I wish that Kitty had an index of past posts.  If it's there, I can't find it.  She does have an "About Me" section on her site, as well as a listing of some of her significant posts which include topics from breast development to tucking.  If you're transgender and considering transition, just about all of the common questions and advice can be found in Kitty's blog, including Things to Know if You're Transgender.

Kitty Kat Kat doesn't claim to be a medical doctor or a therapist so, when you peruse her blog, think of it as collection of practical advice and personal experience.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh me, oh my! A cure for loneliness

Whether it be due to transphobia, rejection by loved ones and former friends, or whatever, loneliness is a problem for many in the trans community, including those who have been post-op for many years.

The problem is very, very close to home for me with some of my very dear friends suffering from loneliness and depression.  So, when I saw the title of Angie's most recent post, I knew that this would be a positive post.  Angie has been fighting loneliness, but somehow always seems to have a positive attitude on life and THAT is what keeps the big D at bay.

I love positive blog posts.  Angie's, Oh me, oh my! A cure for loneliness, is a good one.  Take a look and, if you get a chance, leave her a comment asking her how the ukulele is going.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fending off a TRANS-DAR Alert

Down at the bottom of this page is a section called, "Cobweb Corner".  This is where we have placed inactive blogs, most with the most recent post well over a year ago.

I was going through some of these blogs the other day and found several that deserved to be featured.  One of these is Passing 201, which is full of information for the "emerging" transsexual or crossdresser who is taking her first steps out in public.

Linda Stevens, the blog's author, sets the scene...

You are at the grocery store one afternoon, and have stopped in front of the fish counter to check out their current selection. As you bend over to peer though the glass, you become aware of hushed whispering off to your left, and as you look up this couple, about the same age as you, watch you intently with a frown on their faces as you stand upright again.

...and suggests how you are to handle it.

I don't believe we ever featured this blog on T-Central.  This featured post and all of the posts to this blog date back to 2009, but all can certainly apply in 2014.

The post is titled, Fending off a TRANS-DAR Alert

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Trans Thoughts and Reflections - Melissa

While we're seeking guest posts for another Thoughts and Reflections series, I thought I'd link to one of the 2010 guest posts.

This one is from one of the most loved trans-bloggers I've seen since I've been following blogs.   Melissa passed away three years ago, but remained blogging almost to the end. 

Melissa's guest post is titled,

Read her post and enjoy.  And, while you're reading Melissa's guest post, think about doing one of your own, which will be featured this Fall on T-Central.  Just let one of the T-Central administrators (Calie / Halle / Jenny) know that you would like to write something for our feature series.  You can find out profiles at the bottom right of this page.
Melissa's blog is still out there.  THIS post gives you, dear reader, an idea as to just how many blogging friends she had around the world.  And while I'm looking back through this sweet girl's blog, To Hell With Being a Girl, is another one that gives you an idea why so many of us, who were fortunate to be around to see her daily posts, loved her so.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trans Thoughts and Reflections

In July/August and December/January, 2010/2011, we did some of the most popular posts T-Central has ever had.  It was a series of posts featuring the thoughts and reflections of several bloggers and authors.  There was a post from a teenager who had FtM thoughts and a post from a 90 year old who was never able to transition.from male to female.  Authors Helen Boyd (My Husband Betty and He's Not the Man I Married) and Alice (Alice in Genderland) did guest posts as did popular bloggers Stana (Femulate), Petra (Voyages en Rose), and Jessica (Jessica Who).  There were many more, and the more popular of those can be found in the lower right side of this page.

It was a lot of fun for the T-Central administrators to collect these guest posts and see the reactions from those who read the posts.

Since it's been four years since we did this feature, I'd like to see another collection of guest posts.  The posts can be from crossdressers, FtM's and MtF's who have transitioned or are in transition, partners/wives/girlfriends/husbands/boyfriends and "ex's" of crossdressers and of those who are in transition or have transitioned and, I would love to see a guest post from  someone who has de-transitioned or who (like myself) continues to fight transitioning.

Take a look at the posts in 2010 and early 2011.  If you would like to do a guest post, contact one of the T-Central administrators (Calie / Halle / Jenny).  Our email addresses are at the bottom of this page.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Will You Take Half a Man?
Crysti is never at a loss for words over at the "Condo". 

Don't all transgender women want a man and isn't that one of the reasons we transition? Why would I want to be a woman and not want a man?

So many of us have been asked this question.  In this case, it was an accepting family member who just came out and asked.

Crysti discusses this in two short posts:

Will You Take Half a Man? - Part One

Will You Take Half a Man? - Part Two

Why not stop by the Condo?  Leave a comment if you have time.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Bluestocking Blue

When Lori first started the T-Central site, in 2008, it was her dream to have a site where new, emerging bloggers could be featured; a way to let everyone else (the "like-minded") out there know where the new bloggers were and how to get to them.  T-Central has evolved over the years, but the primary mission is always in the minds of T-Central administrators.

Bluestocking Blue is not necessarily a new blog, and while it already has a good following, I don't believe we have ever featured the blog here on T-Central.  If you haven't visited Vivienne's blog, you really should do so.  The appearance of the blog, and the quality of the writing, are absolutely superb.

Per Vivienne,

I'm forty-something years old. I'm a married heterosexual male crossdresser, peeping out of the closet. I'm also an academic, with a strong science background (but I read widely in all sorts of things), and I work in a large institution. I live in a house in the suburbs with my wife and our 1.6 kids, and my life is pretty ordinary.

Do take a look at Bluestocking Blue.  If your time is limited, I'll recommend a couple of posts:

Last December, Bluestocking Blue featured a wonderful interview with Helen Boyd, the author of My Husband, Betty, and She's Not the Man I Married.  Helen's life has revolved around her husband who originally confessed to being a crossdresser but eventually transitioned.  Her books remain two of my favorites on the transgender topic.  Go HERE for the Bluestocking Blue interview with Helen Boyd.

The other post, which dates back to 2011, is titled, How many of us are there? It's a well thought-out essay attempting to answer that question.

Give yourself some time to fully check out Vivienne's blog.  You will find lots of interesting posts to read, from across the spectrum.  

For more on Helen Boyd, take a look at her guest post, here on T-Central, from August, 2010.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Not So Hard

"Trains and Dresses" is a blog written by the mom of a transgendered child.  She describes herself:

I am a mom to two amazing children. Kegan who is MTF transgender, bold, brave, and full of light. Sean who is rough & tumble, sensitive, thoughtful, and full of grace. All names on Trains and Dresses are changed to protect the identity of my sweet Kegan and my loving Sean. I am truthful in all my words, but this is only partially my story and until Kegan is old enough to decide how much she wants to share with the world, I will respect her privacy as much as possible. But I will speak for Kegan, I will rejoice when Kegan is seen as just a regular kid, I will cry when Kegan or Sean are hurt. I will work to help society choose its values based on love and acceptance. (PS: I am married to an incredible man who is also brave, bold, thoughtful, so patient with me, and the best person I could ever hope to have for the parent of my children.)

This mom has a lot to say about what's so hard and what's NOT so hard, when it relates to having a transgender child. Let's take a brief look:

Whats so hard:

your husband dying suddenly when your 

youngest child is 12 months old

being diagnosed with terminal cancer at 8 months pregnant

being told your infant is facing a life or death crisis

taking care of your paralyzed father while raising a child

spending night after night in the hospital caring for a loved one: young or old

losing your job without having a big savings accoun

being told it is time to consider hospice care for your child who was healthy until two days ago

What's NOT so hard:
having a child tell you, “I am a girl,” when for the first five years of that child’s life you thought she was a boy is certainly not easy, but let’s be realistic it is not hard.
Oh, and she has lot more to say on this subject. The blog is Trains and Dresses. The post is Not So Hard.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

But I am only myself

Yesterday's, featured blog post, from the blog, Average Ordinary Woman, has attracted a fair amount of interest.  If you haven't read the post, go here.

Lucy Melford, a long-time, prolific blogger (and a lovely human being as well), has shared her perspective.  It's worth a visit to Lucy's blog to read her well thought out post, But I am only myself.

Lady Withsass (pseudonym), the author of the Average Ordinary Woman blog, has since updated her blog with a new, and related post.  Go here to read that one.

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