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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Swimsuit edition II: boobwatch

Third time was perfect: not too hazy, just enough cloud to give the sky some texture, and a sea that was just about lively enough to be interesting, but not dangerous. I’d already picked my theme: I got a red swimsuit and an inflatable Baywatch-style float, and a couple of party balloons for tits (I didn’t want to accidentally dip my usual falsies in the sea; I’d already done that in a freshwater loch…).


Fab post, from Miss Twist.  It's a Bay Watch photo shoot on the beach along the North Sea.  Oh, it must have been cold!

Sunday, May 2, 2021


So if you think purges work, I am sorry to tell you that they truly never work.  You will dress again, in months, years or even decades, but you will dress again.  And it will feel wonderful.  Just accept it.   




I tend to gravitate to the posts I can relate to.  Sadly, this is one of them.  Here's a guest post, in Kandi's Land By Stephanie Julianna, on the subject.

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