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Thursday, April 29, 2010


As you all know, I've tried to make T-Central as user-friendly as possible while enabling people to grow their connections of "Followers" for the sole reason that being T can often be quite lonely out there.   Having the ability to reach out to someone who knows what you're going through is a damned positive thing, and I'm glad this little personal blog roll has been a help.

Soon there will be a minor change under the hood of this site.  It's not going away, at least not quite yet.  No, I refuse to make it a profitable venture by slapping %$#^& ads all over the place.  And there aren't plans to change the look and feel of the site.   

Stay tuned.  And make sure you keep on commenting on those obscure, hardly-read blogs.  And if you're not one of those prolific bloggers, take the time to build an audience by commenting on other's blogs.  You can't expect people to follow you if you only hang out on your own page.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Question on Improving T-Central

I've received some mixed responses about access and the loading speed of T-Central.  I am on a broadband connection and generally use a speedy MacBookPro viewing in Firefox or Safari, and I rarely have any delays in page loads.  Sure, there are a couple of "Followers" gadgets and the extensive list of blogs takes some time to generate thumbnails for each site, but aren't you drawn into a particular page because of the title and thumbnail?  Would you rather have only titles to blogs and have a followers page moved to a separate page where people could go there separately? What other things could be done to make things better?

I'm not able to spend as much time and energy on reading t-blogs as I'd like, but I need some feedback on how to continue to make this a simple site that keeps the many different blogs and perspectives centralized for those desiring a central location for their frequent blog reading.

If you've ever benefited by our work to incorporate a massive blog list like this, please leave a comment on how we can make it a better and faster loading site for all.   If you're interested in being a contributor to the featured posts (the ones posted in this section of the page), please send me an email to lorisrevival at gmail dot com.   We're looking for either contributors to post original content or reviews of other blogs of special interest.  As always, this is a personal site and we have the right to refuse or publish the content submitted.

Lori D.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Donna Moves to Blogger

Just prior to bed as I was catching up on my reading I noticed that Donna Rose has moved her own blog over to Blogger.  Unfortunately many Wordpress sites were hacked and Donna's was one of them.  I hope she finds Blogger to be a more stable platform for her to continue her writings. 

Head over to The Donna Blog now on Blogger and update your RSS feed. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Maintaining the Facade

So what happens when you've finally acknowledged that you're not like other "normal" people out there yet accept the reality that you can't or won't transition for whatever reason?  You might stumble onto T-Central and read the various bloggers out there who have chosen to radically alter the course of their lives by transitioning gender.  Or, you might opt to fight the good fight and do everything in your power to accept yourself while maintaining the status quo with family, work, and most importantly, yourself. 

It's a life that we don't quite often read about enough.  Let's face it, the blogs you read on T-Central focus mostly on the transitioning aspects of transsexualism or the crossdressing side of, well, crossdressing. 

Thanks to Calie and this POST, Halle is yet another person choosing to share her perspective of that of a non-transitioner.  At least for now, right?  Kidding aside, I think it's high time we see and read about those in what might be the silent majority who might not otherwise share their story for fear of being judged, outed, or silenced.  We all deserve a voice, even those who don't follow the same path others take.

Halle's blog "Maintaining the Facade" can be found HERE

Oh, and thanks for the awesome words about me, Calie.  You'll always be family to me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Very, Very Tired Conversation

Ms. Shandy gives us an excellent retelling of a harrowing bathroom experience while presenting not as her target gender but while in "guy-mode." It's a great example of what one can expect when they transition and haven't gone to living full time.
Give it a read and please don't forget to leave a comment.

Read "Revisiting a Very, Very Tired Conversation" HERE.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A place of her own

I've been reading insightful, intelligent comments from "ginasf" in other people's blogs for quite some time, so I was delighted to see that Gina has started a blog of her own. The name Skip the Makeup is in reference to the way filmmakers, when making a documentary about a trans woman, inevitably show her putting on makeup. Gina is not afraid to take on issues or to shy away from controversy. In her own words, the blog's "primary focus is on cis-cultured media's assumptions and presentations of trans identities & lives." She's been writing only since February, so it's not hard to catch up on her excellent postings so far.

[Addendum: D'oh! It helps if I include a link, right?]

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