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Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Freak" or "Tranny": Which word does Morbius hate most?

She's been writing for years, but we haven't seen much of her as of late (I should talk).  Vulnavia Morbius's blog is, in her words,  

...the personal blog of a transsexual with a serious movie habit.  

In her most recent post, you'll get a good taste of both the transsexual and the movie reviewer.

Last weekend, our blog author got called a freak and it really ticked her off at first.  Then, she thought about it and she attempts to justify the comment....more or less.  It's entertaining, so read what she has to say.

If you, dear T-Central follower, get past Vulnavia's justification of the word, "freak", keep reading and you'll get to her review of Men in Black 3. I found it quite amusing.

Note to Will Smith and Barry Sonnenfeld and Etan Cohen: Use the word, "tranny" in a movie and you will catch the wrath of Vulnavia Morbius.

Note to dear T-Central follower: Ummm.....some nasty language here.  Even nastier than the word, tranny.

The blog is Scheherezade's Sister.  The post is titled One of Us.

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