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Friday, February 28, 2020

Dressing up as a bloke

I’m a bloke. Well, at least physically. Socially, mostly yes, but in my head and my heart, it’s a little more complicated. If you’re reading this, either you’re very lost on the Internet, researching something, or you may have a similar situation.

Sometimes, some of us just have to wear a suit and tie.....

Monday, February 24, 2020

A Christian view of trans

Christian theology supports trans people and transition unequivocally. The Bible recognises and values trans people. As Peterson Toscano said, a man carrying a water jar was doing women’s work, which was beyond shameful for a man in that culture- she must have been trans.

So many, including myself, have struggled with this topic.  Clare has some good words on the subject.  She notes that this post is not written for atheists.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Gender Exhausted

With much of the gender thing at the lowest point it’s been in so long I questioned whether there was anything left there. Dreading every letter posted through the door might be the next appointment for the Gender Identity Clinic and I had nothing I could have taken them other than lacklustre, indecisiveness and disorientation.

Reading a blog post from Hannah is such a pleasure.  I've mentioned so many times before that I love her writing.  So honest.  So open.  So....feminine.  

In Gender Exhausted, Hannah is again thinking out that gender thing......still questioning it.  When I read her posts, they just come across to me as written by a woman, so what's to question?  An easy question for me to ask, but a difficult question for me to answer about myself.  Take some time to read her well written posts and come to your own conclusion.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

A safe place to talk about gender variance and cross-gender dreams

Many people are confused about their gender and the feelings that follow from such a confusion. There is a lot of shame and guilt involved, as there are so many out there who look down upon people who have dreams and fantasies about being “the other gender”.

If there are sexual feelings involved, this becomes even more problematic. A lot of people do not dare to talk about that kind of crossdreaming. 

Some fear that they are transgender. Others fear that they are not transgender enough. Others are some shade of nonbinary and some just want to play with gender roles and gender expressions.

Here's a shout-out to Jack and Sally for creating A safe place to talk about gender variance and cross-gender dreams. 

Monday, February 17, 2020

Am I Passing?

The moment I stopped trying to pass, guess what, the clocks stopped, well they didn’t matter anymore. I was now just doing what was comfortable for me, the cosmetics I wanted, my own hair, my own breasts, my own style. In trying to pass I was trading the discomfort of pretending to be male with the discomfort of trying to be the woman I felt everyone else expected.

This post is full of really good words of wisdom, from Beth.....a must read for anyone asking the question, Am I Passing?

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Everything is Fine Here ...

I am posting one final time to say goodbye properly.

Halle is saying goodbye to her Two Spirits blog.  I've followed this blog from the very beginning.  Although Halle and I have never met I feel, through the magic of her beautiful written words, like I know her as a sister.  Alas, and like many who have completed their transition, Halle simply has nothing more to write about on the subject of two spirits.  Indeed, she is but one spirit, and that is all woman.  Go here for her final post and to a link to her other blog.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Why Do I Dress?

As I woman I choose to dress as a woman. Of course this form of dress for a woman is socially constructed in the sense that woman are expected to present in certain ways. So why do I dress like a woman if it is a socially constructed form of dress?

Stephie has the answer to her question, above.  Go to Why Do I Dress, for the answer and more.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Puberty blockers can be beneficial for trans girls even in late adolescence

.......puberty blockers can have a beneficial effect on height in adolescent trans girls even when started at Tanner stage 4 or 5 of their natal puberty.

This post, from the Gender Analysis group, is for the parents of trans kids.  It deals mostly with the effects of blockers and HRT on the final adult height of a transwoman.  The effects on trans-boys are also discussed.  Very interesting....but what can I say, I'm into this stuff while wishing all of this was available when I was a pre-puberesent.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Hidden memories of disgust

I remember hushed discussions of trans people and of particularly butch women who seemed to be taking masculinity ‘too far.’ At the time I remember agreeing, silently, that men were bad and looking too much like a man was bad. I was frequently read as male myself, but that was ok. I found that I enjoyed the ambiguity and fluidity of sexuality and gender. 

You'll want to read these very candid thoughts from an older trans-guy.  I really enjoyed this post.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Transitions: From My Heart to Yours

On this day, seven years ago, my younger child told me that she was a he. That he was transgender, wanted to start hormones – “T” as he called it, need to bind his chest to hide his female form and definitely needed to start seeing a therapist so he could get a letter to start said “T.” He told me he had gender identity disorder and gender dysphoria.

Oh, what a wonderful post from a wonderful mom.  Read this blog and find out just what happened in the past 7 years with Mom and Hunter.  This one is a must read!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Masculinity and Trans Woman Intuition

I often wonder if these were the formative years when I learned how I had to be as ultra masculine as possible to get by. Of course I was scared to death my Mom would discover my "secret." I knew there would be no "understanding" of any desire to be a girl.

I always like posts on subjects that are not often explored by our bloggers.  In this one, Cyrsti writes about growing up in an very male household environment and how she got to understand masculinity.  It's a subject that some of you might relate to.  As is always the case, with Cyrsti, this post is short and an easy read.

Monday, February 3, 2020

I Was Laughed At

I was in a grocery store going past the aisles and a group of 4 kids (from about 6 to 12) laughed as I turned into the aisle after the one they were at the end of. Now granted they could have been laughing at something else, but they were looking at me, and tried to repress their laughter when I looked at them.

Stephie's thoughts on being laughed at.

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