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Monday, May 25, 2009

Sex, Gender, Body

I am currently looking at a promising new site that welcomes you with "I define my sex, gender, body. You define yours." Here is the introduction you will find when you visit the top page of this website of the same name:

These words summarize the intention of this site. There are no experts to tell us how to claim or identify our own sex, gender, body (sgb). is a community, collaborative blog, built in the same functional model of and The site is open-invitation, meaning that anyone can register and post diaries. This site has been built to serve as a public meeting place for honest and respectful conversations about the entire width and breadth of sex, gender, body. Topics will range from the intimate to the mundane, falling in love, looking in the mirror, workplace, health, advocacy, friendship, sex, identity, change, finances and the list goes on.

Every person on the planet has a unique and rich life of experience and expression. We all define ourselves as individuals in all aspects of our lives, including sex, gender & body. These three areas are intertwined with many other aspects of our identity.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Girl Can Run!

I stumbled onto an interesting blog this evening. Jennifer McCreath is a transsexual marathon runner, and apparently she's been chronicling her runs in a blog for some time now. According to her blog's byline:

I am a 35 yr old transwoman marathon runner from Newfoundland, Canada. I use running as a way to raise societal education and awareness about the issues of transsexualism. This blog focuses on my running and on my life in general as a transsexual.

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. Give her site a look!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Transitioning out loud

So you have a blog, and it's out there for all the world to see. I do too. Chances are, you publish it somewhat anonymously. I do that as well. Yes, we're pretty brave to write about our transition in public. Well, semi-public.

How would you feel if your transition were really public? As in, published on the web site of a major newspaper? That's what Jillian Page has done. Her transition blog, Patent Pending, appears on the web site of the newspaper for which she works, The Gazette, the leading English-language newspaper in Montreal. The very first post, written about a year ago, even made it into the print edition. Now that's public.

Despite this high-profile outlet, Jillian is quite candid with her thoughts about her transition and about gender-related issues. She recently covered the Trans Pride Conference in Montreal, an important gathering of trans people and trans health care providers.

I'm not crazy about the blog's navigation, or lack thereof, but it's worth scrolling through to get a flavour of the kinds of things Jillian writes about, from whimsical to profound. I have added the blog link below as well for the most recent stories.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Daydreamer Among Us

Over on Wordpress, I stumbled upon Adrienne Morgan Leigh's blog (READ IT HERE or navigate to ). Adrienne seems ready to continue the chronicles of her transition, and I appreciate anyone willing to share another simple yet incredibly personal journey with the rest of the world.

Head on over the Adrienne's blog and decide for yourself. She's also been added to the T-Central list below in case you miss a blog or two!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tiana's "Being My True Self"

I have a dear friend who just recently transitioned on the job. From what I hear things went exceptionally well and she is finally settling into her role as her true self.

Speaking of true selves, Tiana no longer posts over on Yahoo 360 and has begun her own blog here on Blogger. It's titled "Being My True Self," and I think the world of Tiana. Following her over the last two years, our lives seemed to eerily parallel each other, and even now I wonder what kind of exciting future holds for my friend.

That's her on the right, taken at last year's IFGE conference in Tucson. She and friend Marie A were doing some sort of cotton-eye-joe or something like that. I was busy with camera in hand. So head on over to her new blog, follow her by clicking on the Followers box, and say hi. I'm sure that friendly Texan will be glad you did. Yee-haw! And be sure to tell her not to kill me for posting this photo!

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