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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Cold Shoulder at Christmas: Family Holidays With a Transgender Daughter

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A close and dear friend forwarded this to me, with the comment...."This is my life".  I'm sure many can relate to it.


 The Cold Shoulder at Christmas: Family Holidays With a Transgender Daughter

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A De-Transition Story

When I was in my teens, I began reading everything I could get my hands on regarding sex change, transvestites, drag queens, and gender variants in general.  I knew that I felt female, but was in a male body. I didn't know why I had these feelings and why I was born this way.

I continued to read, year after year, anything that would help me to better understand myself.  When the Internet came of age, it opened up a whole new wealth of information.  Most of the information I was able to gather was clinical, rather than personal.  Once in a while, I'd read a biography of a transsexual, but those books were few and far between. 

When I discovered some of the early blogs, written by others like myself, it was like a dream come true.  I remember reading many of the old Yahoo 360 blogs in the early days of blogging.  Later, one of the first really quality blogs I came upon was Zagria's, A Gender Variance Who's Who.  I became a big fan of Zagria's blog.  The quality of her writing, the attention to detail, and the broad spectrum of "gender variants" featured had me coming back for more, year after year.  In Zagria's words, her blog is about....."Essays on trans, intersex, cis and other persons and topics from a trans perspective.......All human life is here."
One of Zagria's recent posts featured a rare de-transition story, the "changeback" of Gary Norton.  It's a very interesting piece, which includes some interesting commentary from Zagria. Click on the link, below, to read this blog post.

 Gary Norton (1937 - ) RAF, architect, changeback

Monday, December 10, 2012

The fourth anniversary of Lucy Melford's debut

    "She made her public debut on 9 December 2008, in Brighton at the afternoon Clare Project Drop-in, and how nervous she was!"

    Long-term readers of blogs in our sphere will have followed Lucy's transition since that first outing. She's now enjoying her retirement, and with her medical transition behind her she continues to blog with a more general focus.

    In a recent piece she provides us with a typically frank assessment of her transition in terms of what she has gained and lost along the way.

    Read it here: The fourth anniversary of Lucy Melford's debut.

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