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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Visually arresting...

So over on Femulate, there's a link to some other blog where a number of famous male comic book characters have been reimagined as women.

Never mind that whoever put that gallery together doesn't know that She-Hulk is a character in her own right, some of the images are great. Oh sure, they're the typical comic book cliche versions of women we've all grown to publicly decry, but that's only appropriate for the medium. What's interesting to me is that some of these images are for more compelling, both visually and iconically, than their male originals. Superman, for instance (and forgive me), never worked for me; there's nothing all that interesting about a dude who can do anything, can't be hurt or stopped, and has a squeaky clean set of personal mores to go along with it. Make him a her (and yes, I know there have been several incarnations of Supergirl, but she never had that iconic status) and you change the dynamic...taking away white male privilege from the character at least gives storytellers something dramatic to work with.

Which is your favorite, and why? The argument for Superwoman notwithstanding, I probably like Aquawoman the best...Aquaman was always under appreciated (until recently, I'm told), but really, the character screams out to be a woman.


  1. earlier today and "Batwoman" was on the blog. Fascinating!

  2. I had a look at that, too. I was particularly taken with their version of Hellboy. "Hellgirl?" Sounds like the beginning of a conversation, or a nickname for myself. ;)


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