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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Welcome Mat

Everyone go over to Kathryn's blog and say "hi". While you're there, click on the Followers button. She just performed the epic task of transferring her whole 360 blog over here; an undertaking of that magnitude demands our attention. :)

Welcome aboard Kathryn! Gosh, now I have a lot more reading to do...


  1. Thanks for the welcome Lori, the more monumental task would be if I were to move my wordpress blog over to Blogger. That may happen, I already figured out that I can have a lot more fun adding stuff to my blogger page. See what you went and did now Lori!

  2. Hah, you have been cleverly deceived! While Lori was off having fun, I was manning the ships over here at T-Central.

    Blogger is pretty cool. I've had a lot of fun coming up with a succinct tagging scheme that makes good use of the breadcrumb widget I inserted. I still haven't completely refined it, but it's getting there!

  3. Well, gorsh, I'd love to take credit, but Renee is much more to blame for giving you kudos of transferring your 360 page!

    BTW, if you need help, there is an export feature in WP and import feature in Blogger to transfer those too! (But it's a real pain in the butt.)


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