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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

T-Central Viewed Through Google Analytics

I wanted to provide a brief update to show the steady growth of T-Central since I first created this blogroll as a type of second page to my main blog.  The site continues to be used by many of you who are interested in reading trans related blogs but prefer the site to using RSS feed readers ( I also use Google Reader to keep up with all my favorite feeds).

As you can see by the image above, T-Central receives on average anywhere between 150 to 200 unique visits a day, and it continues to trend upwards with more readers returning to use the site as a link to visit other blogs.  

If you know of new sites you'd like for us consider including here, please use the form at the "T-Central Comments and Questions Page."  If you don't like the broad range of topics here, feel free to create your own blogroll page similar to this one that suits your needs.  Otherwise, keep enjoying reading and sharing your comments with other fellow bloggers!

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