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Monday, July 12, 2010

Reflections and Thoughts on Transitioning

In a few days, we will begin a series of guest posts on T-Central.

You will recognize some of the authors as well known T-Bloggers but there will be others who are not currently bloggers. What our guest authors have to say is from the heart and their writing is excellent.

You will see essays from those who have completed their transition, from those who are currently in transition and from those who fight the daily urge to transition. We will have at least one guest post from the wife (and many of you know her) of someone in transition and we also hope to have one or two posts regarding transition regrets.

I'd love to have a guest author who is the parent of a child in transition and perhaps another essay from the spouse - male or female - of someone in transition or who has transitioned. Please contact me if you are interested.

tiresias at hushmail dot com

Some of these posts may surprise you. Some may be a bit controversial. All will be "must-reads".

Guest posts will become an occasional feature of T-Central. We will be doing a similar series of posts on crossdressing later this year.

Our featured posts will be archived on a dedicated page on T-Central and available for future reference.

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