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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Call Me Meg

I've been casually following Meg's blog for some time now.  She's a crossdresser and freely admits that she's a CD and has no plans to go beyond that.  I fondly refer to those like Meg as Career Crossdressers.  She looks great, she's daring in some ways, and she likes to have a good time en femme.

Her blog is Call Me Meg and she's a prolific and entertaining writer.  I highly recommend her blog, especially to those who just want to crossdress and go no further.

Her post, titled ???, is one of my favorites and it clearly shows our girl out and having a good time but with a little unexpected disaster.

In this post, titled I wish I'd Never Crossdressed, you'll find that the title is cleverly disguising a post about just why she loves to crossdress.

Check out her blog, leave a comment or two, and tell her she looks great!

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