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Sunday, April 3, 2011

No Real Friends

I often write of the importance of friends in the life of someone who is trans.  Without my close friends, I would be in a world of hurt.  I've found that my trans friends are the best friends I've ever had....friends I can share my most private and intimate thoughts with.  They are real friends.  Friends I can laugh with.  Friends I can cry with.

In her latest post, Bree writes about friends, or the lack thereof.   It's such a typical story for someone who is trans.  Can't relate to men and, as someone presenting as a male, can't be true friends with a woman, as in woman-to-woman.

While I may not be making myself clear, Bree is quite clear about her thoughts in her post, No Real Friends.

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  1. I can understand her prespective completely. It seems that those in my area try to remain stelth,even when were living full time as the gender we should have ben all alonge. I think most are selfconchus,dreading becoming some bigets target.On one hand I'm comfe as the women I am but I know I'm fragel as well.Sometimes lifes just harsh.


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