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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hanging In, Hanging Out, Hanging On

As to the subject of being open at work, I guess you could say in some circles here, it's an open secret. Considering that we are in the Bible belt, this is a concern for me. As I have experienced though, one doesn't have to be particularly religious to be a transphobe. In the shop I worked at when I started transitioning, one of the owners whom I would describe as agnostic was openly hostile toward my transition. And both owners were absolutely adamant that I would not be transitioning as an employee of theirs. So I didn't. Because of the experiences I have had with people in general, since I cannot guarantee the unconditional acceptance of my co workers, being out in a circumstance where I don't have to out myself, I consider to be a door that I dare not open.

This is a paragraph from Sarah's most recent post, from her blog, Coming Home to Sarah.  Sarah hasn't published a post in quite some time, so I thought it was time to remind everything that she does, indeed, still exist!

In this post, Sarah sums up both the good and bad points of her journey.  Her comments about the attitudes of her employers certainly remind us that we have a long way to go before, in some parts of the USA and other countries, a transition in the work place is accepted by the employer.

If you haven't checked up on Sarah, please do and then let her know you did.

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  1. Merely saying you "had problems with your family" does not equate to telling the whole truth about the situation. It can, and often does, get very bitter and is fueled with words and attitudes that don't convey the real dangers. While I can identify with Sarah, I know my own story!

    Hope you have a merry Christmas, Calie! Stay safe and thanks.


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