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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Would I have turned out like this, anyway?

I really think that the way I am made - meaning my unchangeable, underlying character and personality, inevitably the same whatever physical version of me had been born - would bring me willy-nilly to my present position, whether I had been born with a girl's body or not.

Lucy's thinking again.... 

Oh wait, isn't that the name of another blog we have listed?  

No, that's Hannah's blog.

But I digress...

Lucy is thinking and her thoughts deserve your viewing and comments.  She wonders just what her life would have been like had she actually been born female in the 1950's instead of transitioning to female in the 2000's.  Would she have grown up a completely different person?

The answer may be in the excerpt, above.  Do read it all, however.  As usual, Lucy's blog posts are well written and, well, make us all think again.  The post is, Would I have turned out like this, anyway?


  1. Thanks for featuring one of my posts! The seventh, as it happens. I'm amazed (but glad) that they are still considered relevant and interesting to all trans people, and not just personal.


    1. Lucy, I almost feel like I grew up with you. I've followed your blog for so many years now. Your writing is top-notch and your blog deserves to be featured. I know that Halle and Jenny would agree.

      Calie xxx


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