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Friday, May 8, 2015

Transmen... I Feel Your Pain

Every once in a while, I see a blog post on a subject that is rarely, if ever, touched upon.  In this case, Karin discusses chest binding....not as it relates to transmen but, rather, as it relates to a transwoman who is still living part time in male-mode.

Transmen... I Feel Your Pain, is from Karin's blog, I'm just a Girl (I Think).

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  1. Hi Calie,

    Sorry I am responding to this so long after the fact... but THANK YOU so much for posting this blog note for me. I was glad to have written it for my own sake and hoped that other women would see it, in case they needed to do what I am doing for my job. Also, it wouldn't hurt that the Transmen out there would know that we do know a little about their life as we move in the opposite direction. Misery loves company? : )

    Anyway, thanks you again.


    p.s. have you ever given thought to separating out the Transitioning blogs from the Crossdreamers/Crossdressers blogs? It is getting harder and harder to keep up and find folks' blogs when you need to. Nothing against any other groups under the umbrella, but as far as interests go - it is more helpful to me for my life to find the transitioning blogs. Just a thought. : )


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